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In Sacred Moments

Peeran, S. L.  In Sacred Moments. Bangalore: Bizz Buzz, 2008.  
ISBN: 81-88699-12-4. pp. xxxiii + 67. Price Rs. 100.

In Sacred Moments is S.L. Peeran’s tenth collection of poems. It contains 58 poems. It, once again, establishes him as one of the major post independence poets in India. His poems, charged with ethical potency, have vivid images. Every poem has a message for the readers. Some of poems bring him close to Tagore and Sri Aurobindo while some of them fit the Shakespearean mould. Somewhere his images may be compared with that of William Blake.
Peeran’s poems reflect his religious consciousness, as the title of the book itself connotes its meaning. They are affected by the religious texts and lead to the way to salvation. Somewhere we find an echo of the teachings of the Bhagvad- Gita. (‘Humility and Submission’ and ‘Ever Submissive’) True devotee is one who submits himself on the feet of Lord, the Almighty. The truth is that human being is a sparkle of divinity. It is his prime duty to identify himself and make an endeavour to achieve the Supreme Bliss.
In this world of materialism, Peeran’s message of love, devotion, enlightenment, submission, humanity, sacrifice, and peace is truly praiseworthy. He is an optimist. He sees the world through his ‘inward eye’, like Wordsworth. He sees enmity spread everywhere in the world so he advises the readers to love the common men. He is well aware of the concept of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’ and has firm faith in the Almighty. Therefore, he loves every living being and non-living thing with utmost affection. His vision of universal welfare, simplicity, natural flow of language and brevity of thought enrich his poetry with poetic beauty.  
His poem ‘In sacred Moments’ presents a very beautiful picture of childhood experience:

… cuddling in the arms of the mother
Oblivious of the mischief done the whole day,
To make the mother run around and round.
To make her mad with frenzy and to weep. (1-4)

At the same time the poet realizes his fore faults and submits himself on the feet of Lord. Being a true devotee, he seeks God’s blessings and wants ‘to sing paean’ to Him fore ever.

In ‘Enlighten Soul’ the poet loves ‘the sun’, ‘the moon’, ‘the stars’, ‘the cool breeze’, and ‘twilight’. It shows that he loves not only living beings but non-living things too, with same affection. The ‘Humility and Submissive’ begins with the note of love and brotherhood (‘Welcoming with open arms men of all hues’) and ends with the message of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam ’ (‘With warmth in heart for one and all’). The ‘Golden Hearts’ is a very beautiful poem which expresses the truth that God can’t be found in so called religious places but in ‘sublime, purified golden hearts’. ‘Saga of Life’ presents a picture of marriage in our society, where for the sake of ‘pomp and glory’, money is misused. In the words of the poet “…weddings are …. Opportunities to loot the bride’s parents.” ‘Saints and Rishis’ reminds us the message of the Bhagvad-Gita that: “Sukh dukhe same kritva laabhaalaabhau jayaa jayau”. 2/38 ‘Senseless Leaders’ presents the grim reality of Indian farmers, for which the leaders are responsible. The poet describes this situation vividly:

Drought has driven farmers
To suicides, death horrible.
Lands are fallow, lakes dried up.
Villages are getting emptied.
O Lord! Less our senseless leaders.
Prevent another Bofor;s scam.
Let our funds be used for irrigation.
Save poor populace from being perished. (5-12)

The book contains poems on spiritual, social, political and personal issues. Every poem ends with an effective note for the readers. The language of his poetry is so simple and lucid that every reader can enjoy it whole heartedly.


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