A Travelogue

People have traveled far and wide but I a woman of limited resources could make it to a few places only and the places I visited were often need based and seldom for fun.

Once I had a chance to travel to the outskirts of Ludhiana. The industrial hub of Punjab, notorious for discharge of chemical affluents in Buddha nullah, The latter is often termed a polluted stinky place but it is vibrating with the rich culture of this old city.

Though the city itself is nearly a concrete jungle where you hardly find any green spot on its breast, the outskirts of the city are scenic locations.

Moving to Chandigarh, the road diverts from Doraha, where the canal gets diverted and along the banks of these canals are lined up huge trees and dense bushes- - a natural habitat for peacocks and many other birds. With the widening of the high way, this habitat is dying a slow death reducing the number of birds that feed on it. Driving on this road was a pleasure as the way was quite breezy under the dense shadow of the trees. Further there is a turn to Machhiwara, where the Sikh Guru went in to hiding for some time. The canal also wades through Dehlon and other towns and villages and along its entire length one can find unmatched serenity coupled with unmanned paths. The surroundings are quite renowned for famous abodes of religious gurus and old temples.

The other side, moving over to Jallandhar is totally different. There is one small forest cum zoo on the right side but rapid construction and development in this area is certainly not a favourable atmosphere for the animals.

Sutlej also flows quite near to some neighbouring villages and the earthly spot is a natural resort to peace lovers.

The travelogue doesn’t end here. It has shown new roads entering the sacrosanct premises of religious institutes periphering the area that can open new vistas into the rich cultural heritage of the city.


More by :  Sarika Goyal

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