Reverse Brain Drain from the US

- NRI’s Coming Back

When children depart for years in wrath; swaging the tender clutches of a mother’s arms; pretending indifference to the unflinching love that has been showered for years- they do come back howbeit only in tough times! And these tough times needn’t have a genetic resemblance to the slump in the market. Here are a few reasons for why the non resident Indians are moving back to their native soil.

1) The principal reasons for moving abroad is the allurement to better education, better governance, better pedagogy for children and of course, the strong will to churn money. N.R.I’s feel that they would have the best of both worlds and keep their cultures and traditions intact. In no time they find that the school their daughter attends in the skimpiest clothing has a full time nurse for abortion facilities; that she indulges in rave parties which is sought as being cool by other parents; that virginity is no more sacred; that learning math is stamped to being a geek and delving into a drug induced trance is as common as sloshing a glass of buttermilk in India. Blasphemy! Profanity! Insecurity for a child’s future outlaws better career avenues. Without a hiccup, the return tickets are booked. So what it will result in a hundred mini Mahabharata? Indulging in a few brawls and scuffles is much better than watching your child go in self-destruction for N.R.I’s.

2) At first, a man works for work, than for money and than comes the alms giving age when a man works for the work of his choice. Work is qualitative and time in profusion. It feels like doing charity. India is poor- policy implementation is poor, literacy is poor, sanitation is poor, jurisdiction is poor, irrigation is poor and awareness is poor. There is n reason for one to be generous anywhere else and don’t they say ‘Charity begins at home.’ It is then that happen the jash-ne-janam of a new benevolent avatar- the quintessential N.R.I. returns to India for a stint in social service.

3) Where else in the world will one get sole servants for washing, dusting, cooking, sweeping and cleaning the child’s bum? Life is far more comfortable here with help available at a few thousand bucks. Also, the drivers aren’t merely drivers- they do the groceries and can cook the most sumptuous food ever. Believe it or not, the muscle in the mouth and unsatisfied bellies are far more effective than they are thought of. Pizzas, burgers, noodle and packaged food no longer entices. Dal-roti and chicken-tikka masala rules and isn’t food the main source to keep us kicking. But when the same source has deformilities-it irks! When one can be a king, why to live like a pauper? Returning to India promises a reputable life.

4) In the U.S., one doesn’t have the liability to spit at every nook and corner of the buildings, one can’t even piss anywhere at the most urgent calls; the dump can’t be thrown at one’s own whims. And the Indian timing system which runs in the bone marrow no longer works. India is more fitting and isn’t it the second fastest growing economy in the world?

The final verdict: Let’s chuck the U.S. and name it as reverse brain drain!


More by :  Sneha Mehta

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