Barbarian Act of Gujarat Police, Brutal Attack on Society and Indian Culture

Crossing all the limits of vandalism & barbarism, the cruel police violence which was demonstrated on November 27, 2009 in Sant Sri Asram ji Ashram palpitates the heart. In the chaos created by the anti socialist elements during the rally against the Sandesh newspaper, where stones were thrown, some higher officials and police staff was injured. During the clash between the police and the crowd, some higher police officials were wounded severely, heads bled in certain cases. Whose Chastisement was imposed upon the innocent 300-400 people participating in the rally by beating them severely. Around 236 people were arrested which included the injured devotees also, who were dragged to prison just after bandaging their wounds.

Murder related 307 was imposed upon them. The high officials were not satisfied even after imposing brutal punishment upon the common people participating the rally having faith upon the Indian culture their spiritual master. The flame of their anger was keen to blaze the entire Bapuji’s Ashram. This transformed into dangerous terrorism in afternoon yesterday, when police suddenly attacked the ashram with around 150 convoys of policemen. In ashram who-ever, where-ever and whichever situation was found, were beaten harshly with sticks, boots and guns and were dragged to around 12 dozen police vans. The glasses of all show-cases were broken. Few Devotees in fear locked the doors of room from inside, but police broke the doors and dragged them, hitting cruelly with baton. Old devotees from different locations doing Anushtan were also not spared. Even in Maun Mandir (Silent Temple), one sadhak doing Sadhana from last one week was dragged pulling his hair. The extremity of the ruthless police brutality was such that they fired upon the Sadhaks (devotees) running towards the river in fear.

In the peaceful hermitage of self realized saint, this terror of police was intact for one and half to two hours. The entire Ashram premise was scanned and devotees were arrested from each and every corner and were pushed into the large police vehicles deployed over there.

The incident was not over with this. Few kids and old people were discharged due to the legal obstacles. A south Indian retired professor who got 10-12 hits with baton told describing the situation that 50 yards ahead of the police-vans destination, these people were taken to a field and policemen on both the sides of the pathway were fiercely showering stick upon them saying our higher officials got 10-10 stitches in their heads. In vengeance to their officers 10 stitches, these unkind policemen brutally beat the innocent devotees as if they wanted to showcase their loyalty and please their big boss. The architects of this scene which terrifies the mankind were the men of Sandesh newspaper.

With the CD of Sting operation named “Saddyantra Ka Pardafash”, all the conspiracies against Bapuji was disclosed and the direct involvement of the Sandesh newspaper in that was exposed to the world, therefore they created the chaos in the rally against them and created the clash between the police and the ashram and played this preplanned maneuver to defend their existence using their entire economic, political influence.

This disgusting behavior of the police in today’s civilized society is a stigma on the name of humanity. All should condemn this and the government should take stern action against the guilty. 


More by :  Nilesh Gupta

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