Mystified Identity in the Mystic River of Life

Over the centuries history has defined the image of women. But what is the fundamental character and identity of women? No matter what definition of women can be accomplished, it cannot capture the true identity of women. The word women is so deeply rooted in the socio-religious psyche of civilization that attempts to define the true identity are dismissed as myth making. Woo the man- woman, woe of man-woman or won over man-woman, can always flare up a sensational debate, but the order of hierarchy being conferred on men by the accepted rule of Adam being created first, can certainly be flouted by us ' the women of present era, with our overbearing presence everywhere ' factories, hospitals, science, technology, medicine, banking, police, politics, journalists, creativity, lawyers, judges and at all levels of bureaucracy and yes in space too'

Yet we abort fetus of our gender, blind folded by the demand of present era we splurge into fetish expectations in the wrap of artistry (deliberately I have not substantiated the forms of artistry), we get beaten up brutally by our so called better half, we submissively live the life dictated to us, we meekly accept the blame of not doing justice to the diverse assignments we diligently perform throughout our life of daughter, lover, wife and mother- WHY? Maybe a fraction of entire women clan will identify themselves with the oppression, but not to forget, this fraction is our representative.

No doubt that we cannot be defined with the innumerable tinge of chiaroscuro effect in our life.

Standing at the crossroad of fatalistic juncture, we must come to a consensus of the true nature of our identity before the doomsday and not remain once again 'mystified identity in the mystic river of life'.

Ode to women!

Let us be the muse
For life of various dimensions
Let us dismantle the symbol of sacrifice
And herald the freedom in life.
Let our pulsating beat decide our course
And explore the splendor, yet unknown
Let us defy the acknowledged convention
And propagate the icon of our creation
Let us seize the bare canvas
And paint us with cherished colors.
Let us cultivate our heartfelt individuality
And vanquish the title 'mystified identity'.    


More by :  Jayati Chowdhury

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