Half-Converted Kerala

Kerala, the most 'progressive' state in the Indian union, is more than half converted and religious conversion was unbecoming an issue in Kerala these days. But the recent demise of Kamala Suraiyya (Madhavikutty or Kamala Das) has highlighted the issue once again. The story goes that she was lured into Islam by the tricks and nuptial promises of a much married, learned and cunning lawmaker belonging to an overtly communal party. Madhavikutty's literary works represent some of the finest aspects of uninhibited and immaculate Hindu culture that had once prevailed in most parts of Kerala. She could easily differentiate between the quintessence of pristine love of 'gopikas' for Krishna vis-'-vis the cheap commonplace lust, by deft handling of both in her stories and poetry. The fact that even such a tall literary figure could fall an easy victim shows the reach of proselytization forces in a region of India with the highest literacy rate.

What is happening in Kerala today is bound to be repeated in all other parts of India as our skewed version of secular education is spreading everywhere. Like in Kerala today, Hindus are bound to reduce themselves to a minority community in their own nation one day.

The unfortunate saga of conversion in Kerala begins from around 1500 AD when the first European colonizers landed at one of those beautiful beaches of Kerala. Though we had traders, fugitives and tourists landing at Kerala's long seashore from time immemorial, damages by them remained limited to their excreta in the coastal belts. The highly structured Kerala society then was impenetrable to foreigners who were much below in terms of social and economic evolution. Cooked-up stories about adventures of one Saint Thomas who could convert the forward castes are nothing but mythology invented as afterthoughts. Kerala's decadence started much later when the naturally symbiotic caste system became rigid and triggered internal revolts. Foreign religions were waiting at the sea and seacoasts for such an internal upheaval for easy penetration into the much coveted God's Own Country. In 500 years they could convert more than 50% of the population is no mean achievement for the proponents of the two major religions in the world today.

Silent Terrorism

What happened in the last five centuries and what is happening in Kerala today is nothing but silent terrorism in the form of organized and externally fuelled religious conversion. It was Christianity which started first with the intention of conditioning the ground ready for European colonization. In every colony of 'ours', we need quite a few of our 'own' people. In distant lands the only way to get 'our own' people is by way of aggressive and accelerated cultural conversion. Religion is an integral part of culture and religious conversion is the best tool available for easy conditioning of the target population. Increasing rigidity of the caste system provided a golden opportunity for the European missionaries to penetrate into the Indian society. Enemies of India had budgeted big sums for the project and India's toiling masses could be easily made disgruntled and aggrieved. As most of them were lacking any formal education, tricking them into a new religious system was easy with the help of material inducements in terms of milk powder and rice.

The next predator in Kerala started their work in terms of organized conversion much later. Though we had sizeable number of Muslim population in the coastal areas, especially in the north Malabar region, their intrusion into the interiors of Kerala as an organized religion is only about one century old. The Mapillah Rebellion in 1921 was perhaps the first organized assault aimed at religious conversion under the guise of so many other objectives. Though North India was under Muslim rule for several centuries, its influence in the southern regions of the country was minimal. Also their enmity with the European colonial powers was not helpful in increasing their numerical strength by targeting Hindus. But the situation has changed drastically in the 20th century when millions of Oil money started flowing into Kerala. Increasing their number by all means and capturing power by organized might is high on the agenda of the Muslim mind of Kerala.

Suicidal Indifference

Any nation or people in decay will ultimately have only themselves to blame. The current status of Hindus in Kerala is at a highly critical juncture in this regard. Three or four prominent Hindu sections are totally indifferent about the overall status of the Hindu religion and society in Kerala today. The leaders of these sections are forgetting one of the most important rules of science and history ' any culture can survive only if there is the minimum quantity. Most of these sub-sections of the Hindu society namely Nairs, Ezhavas, Brahmins and OBCS are fighting more among themselves than for their combined rights. They have left their weakest brothers (Adivasis) at the complete mercy of the two predators vying for numbers and real estate. Almost the entire five lakh Adivasis of Kerala will either die off or get converted, and their entire property will ultimately lie with one of the predating groups.

Much has been said and written about the suicidal indifference of Hindus in Kerala and the catastrophe impending their community a few generations from now. None of the Hindu community leaders of any significance have shown the courage to speak up for consolidation and caution. It will be only at their extreme peril that the entire spectrum of Hindu society in Kerala can feign ignorance to the following basic FACTS:

  • Hinduism is no more the dominant religion in Kerala. As half of those born as Hindus are genuine communists, Hinduism is only at par with Islam and Christianity in Kerala. And uninhibited religious conversion is still rampant in many parts of Kerala.
  • Kerala has the highest (family) suicidal rate in the world and at least 75% of them are Hindus.
  • Hindu temples are the only one in government custody. All income from temples (which are only from Hindus) flow into the common government coffers.
  • Kerala politics is overwhelmingly dominated by leaders belonging to the two dominant communities and parties which are overtly communal (Muslim League and Kerala Congress).
  • There is almost complete monopoly of the two dominant communities in the print and electronic media in Kerala.
  • Almost all Hindu families in the current generation have only two children. But one can invariably find three children in all Christian families and four children in most Muslim families. This trend is almost confirmed if they are more educated and richer. This clearly shows a determined and deliberate effort to increase the numbers.
  • Christian clergy and Muslim religious leaders are freely indulging in politics in Kerala which is a part of the so-called secular republic of India. Many times they openly challenge the authority of democratically elected governments and the rule of law, with no impunity.
  • Ownership of land (especially high valued), number of professionals (doctors, IAS officers etc) and untaxed (and unaccounted) income from abroad are disproportionately high in favor of the two dominant communities in Kerala.

The few critical aspects listed above point to a determined and calculated move by the foreign religious ideologies to establish their superiority over Kerala within one or two decades. Both are now equally organized, resourceful and determined to achieve their ultimate aim. The apparent discordant notes among subsidiary factions within these religious forces are designed and serve as deceptive distracters for those who are opposing the move. In Kerala (also India) today, anything Hindu or Hindutva is condemnably communal, Muslim or Islamic is secularly acceptable and Christian or Christianity is laudably broad-minded. Any one who talks anything about Hinduism or Hindus are ostracized in public life and politically unacceptable. Barring unforeseen developments, Kerala's Hindu goose will be cooked and eaten with full satisfaction as precisely planned. And once that is digested, the harvest of entire South India is only one decade away and Indian nation a few more. Only organized reforms and determined positive action can save Hinduism from the combined onslaught of its three known enemies.


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Comment Irony is that the converts become enemy to their ancestor's culture and religion.
Quran and Bible have destroyed countless Pagan cultures and are responsible for 99% of the wars in this world.

R Kumar
07-Jan-2013 13:47 PM

Comment JESUS CAME TO SAVE THE WHOLE MANKIND//Jesus could not even save himself from the cross how could he save the mankind?

29-Aug-2012 07:39 AM

Comment christianity will end with in one or two centuries by its soullessness like marxicism

18-Jul-2012 01:26 AM

Comment Mr A S Mathew - throughout my 26 yrs , i have newer come across a convert from Hinduism to Christianity because he thinks of "Christianity" being powerful . I really don't understand how Christianity is powerful . Its a simple religion with a set of ideals and that's it.Jesus was wise , i agree and good man , but no more a prophet that any others. And if you so much as believe that people are converting to Christianitybecause its so great you are terribly misled.

Now why people get controverted to christianity .
1. A majority of the educational institutions are christian(i also studied in one).Over a child's learning ages they try to induce the secular feeling saying that all religions are equal and slightly teach the good things about christianty. Such children would be tolerant to Christianity.[coz thats whats taught since childhood] & they are taught to hate BJP.
2. If a marriage happens - btw an hindu and christian , since the Hindus are not stringent 90% of the cases ends up with family being converted to Christianity.
3. Money - a lot of low caste Hindus, specially fisherman are being converted by paying money. I have friends tell me that they were offered money if they could convert to christianity.
4. Christianity is supported by a huge monetary base- too much for a nation like poor nation like India can handle
5. Communist - they are the no 1 reasons of Hindu downfall. The bloody fellows had done more to damage than anything else .
6. Hindus are not strict in their religion. They dont force their children to go to temple or learn the GITA . If your base is not strong , you are bound to fall one day or the other.

Once a person/family get converted unwillingly/half halfheartedly , the next generation would be "OK" with Christianity and the next generation would be like Mr A.S.Mathew .. (sorry !)

Lemme ask you , Christianity and Islam they have wiped away so many cultures , the Greeks, the romans , teh aztechs the mayan .. the world has so many diverse cultures , most of it scientifically/mathematically/astrologically more profound that Christianity. All of them were wiped off from the face of earth just like that. SO what did you achieve by that ??? .. India /Nepal/China(buddhist)/Sri Lanka are the only few nations who have still a hindu culture that predates what even Christianity can even think about.

Its depressing that being a Hindu and even after born on Hindu land , we have to face this . We are always compassionate about our minority brothers, but please don't push situations to a point where we regret not throwing St Thomas when he first set foot on Kerala rather than provide him asylum .

20-Jun-2012 20:24 PM


18-Jun-2012 04:29 AM

Comment Very commanding language, and you are putting some solid statistics wrapped up in a considerable amount of exaggeration. I can't blame you, indeed I respect your affinity and loyalty with your own religion. All religious people are close to their own religions and when we miss our believers to other religions, it will greatly hurt us. Sir, when you have time, please go through youtube or google search engine and learn, why these people came to follow JESUS CHRIST. If the rich and powerful can change their religious faith, then the poor also have the same right to change their religious faith.
I don't believe in changing religious faith through any inducement which is contrary to any logic and that is not a divine plan. Please ask some of your old friends who came to follow CHRIST, which will change your wrong impression about the confusing conversion debate.

A. S. Mathew
29-Apr-2012 15:28 PM

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