Discrimination lies in the heart of man
when it comes to woman
Tracing it from mythological figures,
Vedas and Puranas
Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Ahilya's story is not unknown
an edifice of such atrocity
"assaulted by King Indra",
for Ahilya was a decent one
simple but most beautiful housewife
of a known saint

The want of flesh of Ahilya
strongly overpowered
'King of our Glorious Gods!'
He faked as his husband
one notorious day
bedded her!
While he was leaving the sacred cottage
arrival of Ahilya's husband
revealed the identity of Indra
but unaware was Ahilya!

Angered sage
'the said and known sage
The Sage'
not understanding her plight
cursed her to be a stone
only to say
that her freedom depended on Rama
if he ever touches her by his feet!
Then only she'll be pure
else not!

Such is our society
such are then men of our society
such have become the women too!

Man forgives not
the woman
for the acts of attacks
bestowed by his fellow men
but women forgives
the man
for his every indecent
un-glorifying act.

Ahilyas existence is a reverberating presence
like those 'said sages'
of modern times
time has changed?
who says?
It was Satayuga then
It's Kaliyugua now!
There no said difference
in the man from then or now!


More by :  Manisha Bansal

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Comment hi,
i am ketan.i totally agree with u.I also some time feels that it is like satyuga at present bcoz soo many people have become frank n speaking truth.

10-May-2013 13:41 PM

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