Are Women like Old Wine?

Going above cultural barriers of the east and the west the overwhelming concern and point is that within all of us is a frustrated/desperate housewife. That, I believe is the powerful story of sisterhood. Not to deny, we all get the bouts of ageing depressions and an attempt is made to look into the actual and virtual scene of ageing and also to mention some ways to cope and be happy.

Beginning early in the day, after taking breakfast alone, and a walk (maybe) a look over the mail, look at the plants; laundry etc is a typical start for all of us. But that does not necessarily mean there is nothing left to do in life. Do we worry about the fact that oral contraceptives are not recommended for women over thirty five (many of us fearfully are in that category); osteroposis / menopause and breast cancer. Does growing old scare us? So much that we hate even talking about growing old?

This is actually good -- maybe it's a wake-up call. And it is the time to figure out how one can make the older years happier years. And how to face it gracefully. Demographics show that most of us are now in the second half of our lives. Let's value this period of our lives and make the best use of our time. We are probably going to be around for a long time. Why not take control now so the coming years will be full of life and fresh humor. It is not that we will become anything less as we get older we become more (the positive school of thought believes so).

We gain more self-confidence with our sharpened skills. We have also by now cultivated qualities like compassion and understanding which helps us take on challenges that are in line with our principles and inner self making us feel more complete and worthy.

No one can forget the blues of our earlier days, following other people's expectations and do all the things we feel we "should". As we get older, we begin to understand what is truly important to us. We start to do the things that we feel indigenously connected to. We are also more likely to recognize our unique Goddess gifted talents and treat ourselves with patience and tolerance.

Children grow older and become more or less independent, does that mean we are left alone. On the contrary it positively hints at the fact that we are blessed with more spare time for ourselves. We can actually do things that were of some personal interest. We can now dare to be different and pursue our lost dreams. As we get older, we gain perspective, we are less afraid of failure. Getting older thus empowers us with the courage to face the fears and failures. After all, what is there to lose?

While I try to look younger than my years, the signs are there. My body is starting to age. Greys are to be seen like it is their birth right.

The current trend is to enhance our appearance through bum and tum tucks or uplifts to whatever parts of our anatomy have started to droop over time. But is this what we are looking for.

While a hair rinse and a spa and a massage uplifts our mood, but surgeries in the name of youth and beauty should be a big No, No. This body has served us well and one should try to maintain it. Basically one should go above the focus on looks. I'd rather seek a deeper level of meaning in my relationships and find was to make life worth living.

Smile or frown, worry or be happy the world remains the same. So let's find ways to be happy. When one laughs a wave of good chemicals is released through the body and also endorphin, the 'feel good hormone'. That explains when one is laughing she can't be unhappy. So it is advisable to build laughter into ones life'.and believe me it is not that difficult. Research also says exercising releases the feel good hormone That looks like some bonus affair there, being fit and also the attached psychological benefits. And here I never meant a scheduled exercise session at a gym, but can be anything like just getting off the bus one stop before and to do the walking till the house.

Actually there are hundred odd ways and means to be happy, cheerful and to keep the endorphin flowing.

One very effective way to counter bouts of depressions is 'Nature therapy'. We have been daughters of nature and she is always there to take away our worries. So sisters let us all take a nature break. A gaze at the starlit sky inspires the self within us and the vastness symbolizes life's uncountable alternatives. A look at the trees moving on a windy day symbolizes harmony between the ups and downs that we come across. A walk by the sea at dusk gives a sense of tranquil and peace. The overpowering waves tell how we are in terms with things we have no control over and teach us how to let things pass.

Just to say, did all of us know that we are all blessed ones and that life is not all that hunky-dory. We are all blessed with the unflinching strength (with age) to weather many storms that must essentially be part of this journey of life. 


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