Matrimony or Matter-of-Money

The stars and planets being in congenial positions, decent and like family background, a good monetary status, computer literacy with atleast an 'M' leading your discipline, I think, are some of the pre-requisites to go spouse-hunting. The first two being reasonable and modest demands of ancestral heritage but the rest, simply the byproducts of insensibility.

Computers have undeniably colonized the globe (sorry comp-wizards , no offence meant ) but do they offer any professional help in life's understandability, be it in sharing, caring or loving or even the chemistry aspect of it? To my knowledge, bloating of mother earth, still alludes itself to the conventional methods of expressing love  ' NO ROBOTIC TOUCH WHATSOEVER.

Yet the mania lingers'

And, what about 'money ,money, money, who maketh swoon a many'? Money proves to be better a seductress, a more appeasing peacemaker and a '.she has a never ending list of attributes. Her 'opulent' absence provokes criticism to the extent of triggering matches and wasting kerosene (some fail to understand the severity of energy crisis in the country) for a bride -barbecue even before her maiden anniversary, exhibiting modern cannibalism-Financial crisis of the Indian economy has indeed become malignant.

Literacy propitiates progress in different fields-the social the economic , the national etc. Superfluous knowledge- Will a hen lay golden legs if its fed imported grains and grams ? It can but assure you a hygienic delicacy. An M.Phil, MS, or a PhD can procure a good job with a good pay but can these work to preserve the holy wedlock? 

These aimless pursuits for a suitable alliance' when Providence blesses a man and a woman in a well-arranged matrimony.

What of the lovebirds? They fly high in the skies planning out their little tryst, building castles in the air unaware of anxious bird-catchers waiting in ambush, ready to pounce and cage them.


More by :  Uma Parthasarathy

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Comment Money still plays a big role in Indian marriages. Like you said Mam, a robotic touch would never replace a motherly love.

21-Jul-2015 13:39 PM

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