Men...Different Flavors

Men...They come in different flavors and I don't like any!!! 

And I really hate the ones that say, "I love you", not that I like the rest of them. If you are wondering what makes me say this, it is just the experience that I've had with men and nothing else. I am in my late twenties and still single and I've seen enough men now. I think this qualifies me to write something about men. OK, now if you think I am pretty, rich and intelligent, you are in for a big surprise. I am just ok looking, on the darker side, short and on the fatter side. I've got a decent job with decent pay and am independent. And yes I am not dumb but I am not brilliant either, I am just a mediocre personality.

What I am going to do now is to give a few samples of the men that I see in my day to day life. Probably that will make you realize why I dislike men.

  1. Here is this guy who says that he loves me so much that he would do anything for me. But then the minute he knows that I have to make constant visits to the doctor to keep my health intact he says he will be only too happy to get married to someone else and name his child after me.

  2. There is this guy who said he was madly in love with me. But because I did something that he did not like, he took care that I got punished in such a way that I could never walk with my head high in the society. And guess how he did that? He did exactly what he blamed me for doing. I guess that sometimes the best revenge is revenge itself.

  3. This case is slightly different, he thinks he is great. He wants to go to bed with me because he says he loves me but he doesn't want to take the responsibility if I ever got pregnant. Great!

  4. The most common one is the guy who thinks he wants to take care of me. And how does he do this? Keep poking his nose into all my personal affairs like what I should wear, what I should eat, how many times a week I should have a head bath, etc, etc.

  5. And then there is this guy who thinks he is shaping me into a wonderful personality by correcting me in each and everything I do. Not that I've done anything wrong, but he thinks himself to be a perfectionist you see.

  6. Oh yeah he loves me. He takes me out for dinner but I end up paying for my meal each time. That is how chivalrous he is. I should stop complaining, after all no one is perfect.

  7. The worst case is the guy who says he loves me so much that he wants to get married to me so that I can take care of him. I mean I can cook for him and clean after him and go to bed with him and I should be happy about that.

This is just a sample, there are many more like these. Guys, it is great to have someone take care of us and love us, just the way we want to shower all our love on you. I am not a feminist, I don't say women are greater than men, all I say is that we like you are human beings with feelings. So many of you forget that and think that we are born to be your slaves.

Ok Guys, I know when you read this you will start cursing me and there is going to be enough hate mail to fill my mailbox. I don't say all are like this, there are a few exceptions though. The only problem is that all those good men for some reason keep away from me. I still haven't lost hope though. I am sure I will find one good guy very soon. Till then.....


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Comment Hello Jaded youth,

I see you wrote "Men come in all sorts of flavours" in 2001. Mind updating it?

I hope you found an egalitarian man with a respect for the nature of womanhood.


18-Jul-2013 00:50 AM

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