The Quiet Woman : A Tribute

From time immortal Women have been treated as supplementary doses to an otherwise male dominated society. Her role has been that of a supporter and torch-bearer of all issues regarding others, except her. A virtual sacrificial goat that faces death almost everyday only to be born again to go through the vicious cycle.

However, no matter what one thinks and does, we must salute the fairer sex �The WOMEN of this universe. They kept the coffers full while burning the fire. The gentle stroke of love, the warm affection and the over bearing support to ones� immediate family and other members of society have only made HER that much more adoring. Playing multiple roles in her life from being a good mother, a good teacher, a good wife, a good sis-in-law, a good friend and above all a good person with a pleasing and charming personality has almost either succeeded in putting a mans� face down in shame or raise it above in admiration. That gentle nod, that extended hand and the finger to catch while you walk have only made her show the right path.

With times having changed, her roles as an actress as been even more difficult. But she enacts and plays them all with equal gusto and fortitude. She can make her hero dance to her tune if she so likes or make the viewers cry with sadness. She can bring laughter to millions of deprived lives or provide an arm for those in need of it. She makes it a point to succeed wherever she is and in whichever role or capacity. Since she was born out of the rib of Adam, this it, no doubt, proves that no man is incomplete without his overbearing other half-The Woman. Shiva and Parvathi symbolize Ardha Nadishwar �two halves which make ONE, Shivshakti. Julies Caesar, Laila Majnu et al and all those who gave up their lives immortalize the true Love and need for each other. She gives her best at all times and remains composed in every situation. For her to reach the helm is even more difficult. For man will not allow her to sail so easily. She has realized her true potential and fought all barriers with a single focused mind and goal.

Hence were born a Indira Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Yamini Krishnamurthy, Kasturbha Gandhi, Bachindra Pal, Mother Teresa, Shobha De, Hema Malini , Shakuntala Devi, Shanaz Husain, Benazir Bhutto. Margaret Thatcher et al. The list is endless. So many remain unnamed. We prostrate to them. They have earned their name in every field, are well known through out the globe and recognized for their achievements. They have given birth to illustrious sons and daughters.


Kudos to the Women next door
Kudos to the Mother who loves others even more
Kudos to the brave lady
Kudos to the supporting daddy
Kudos to the ever-alive figure
Kudos to the warm and gentle neighbor
Kudos to the business woman
Kudos to the sports woman
Kudos to the politician
Kudos to the women for all her successful and enduring Missions. 


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