Onion: A Boon to Humanity

Onion is a very common and widely used by the people globally. In India, even the poorest can afford it. It is a form of vegetable and is easily available even at the remotest part of India. It is considered as a very important part of the diet in India. People know onion as a vegetable and salad material primarily and not as a boon to humanity provided by nature.

Onion has excellent medicinal properties and it can be used to solve common problems in our day-to-day life.

Respiratory Problems
Onion possesses expectorant properties. It liquefies Phlegm and prevents its further formation. How to Use :

Tooth Disorders
Onion has many anti-bactericidal properties. It helps to kill the bacteria and prevent tooth decay. How to Use

Chewing raw onion for three minutes is sufficient to kill all the germs in the mouth.

Toothache is often treated by placing a small piece of onion on the bad tooth or gum.

Heart Diseases
The onions are very valuable in heart diseases as they correct thrombosis (blockage) and also reduce blood cholesterol. How to use:

To get rid of coronary heart or blood pressure disorders, one should take 100 Gms. of onion per day.

Ear Disorders
It is considered very useful in ear disorders. How to use:

Dropped hot in the ear, it relieves earache.

Onion is an effective remedy for cholera. How to use:

It decreases thirst and restlessness and the patient feels better.

It also lessens vomiting and diarrhea immediately.

An addition of little sugar to the recipe will increase its effectiveness.

Urinary System Disorders
Onions are highly beneficial in the treatment of urinary system disorders. How to use:

For burning sensation in urine, six grams of onion should be boiled in 500 ml. of water. It should be boiled till half the water has evaporated. After that, it should then be strained, allowed to cool and given to the patient as a drink. It will relieve the burning sensation in urine.

General Uses

    Roasted or otherwise, onion is applied as a poultice to indolent boils, bruises and wounds. It relieves heat sensation.
  • Bulb juice is used as smelling salts in faintness, infantile convulsions, headache, epileptic and hysterical fits.
  • It is applied locally to decrease irritation of insect bites, scorpion stings and also for skin diseases.
  • Mixed with mustard oil in equal proportion, it is a good application in rheumatic pain and other inflammatory swellings.
  • Cooked with vinegar it is given in jaundice and in malaria fever, it is eaten twice a day with two or three black peppers with remarkable relief.

Onion is remarkably useful and beneficial vegetable and helps to cure many of the common problems. It has been used widely and its usage will be there for the rest of the time.

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