Renaming India Rape Republique!

So, now the metastasis deepens
Reaches so far, temples the templates for kidnap
Police itself at raping in moving cars
Police in Punjab, in uniform!
Stoops down to desecrate DC Sahib
How was it? Khol Do! Again! In 2008!
This fouled India 
Turning an exact replica of America
Nehru! Come! See you
With own eyes
Your prot'g's true blue!

1997, as the Republic went on Independence's Silver Jubilee spree, I, a citizen, warned the nation per India, O India! Anthology of India centric poems, watch out! Beware! Your march is astray, false your every step.

None listened.

Of course, much earlier, 1947 to be exact, two great minds of India are on record giving similar warnings ' the Faiz and the Sahir Ludhianvi. Both cautioned, This is false Azaadi. Mend or live to regret. Another wonderful soul, Kavi Pardeep, even went to the length of teaching the nation on how to put foot forward, which dangers to beware, which precautions to take as he exulted: Hum layain hain toofan se Kishti nikal ke.

None listened. 

The false republic's intellectuals and scholars prefer to feed on decadent Ghalib!

Again, as late as 2006, and yet again 2007, I published two books, Weltschmerz in English language and Shabad-Doot in Punjabi expressly repeating, Look! You are still going Gumrah.

None listened.

A nation that doesn't lend ear to its Vidwaans lives to regret its lapse. SaysShashtra: in such cases famine and degeneration are the bitter harvest. 

So we do see.. a policeman picks a girl with force right from temple precincts (forget the detail's devil) and the bad company defiles a young Indian in moving car. The point is they dare it!

A police officer, in uniform, does the thing right behind DC Office in Punjab, in a public park. What daring!

Into hundreds run such cases. More are on the way such as the wind blows.

Meanwhile their Harvard and Cambridge heroes have brought about the wonder of modern development thus far that famine begins to show on horizon if in bazaar it is food shortage. Inflation eats into hard earned income of hand to mouth living citizens amid multi crores IPL cricket hooplas embellished with Pom Poms!

So this is modern, postmodern, post postmodern economic development with which these empty heads want to steer the ship of India God knows to which shores of which Elysiums. To their role model America Port? But let them tell, where O where?

The free press ' any republic's last refuge ' is all hands full printing, publishing all the thinkable banalities in the world; editors chupp on showing hassled multitude light, actually misleading society by their bullshit journalism learned from obsolete western schools.

The Prime Minister commands: don't politicize peoples' misery after making sure his policy has drenched them in misery's rain, just as a dog is rendered miserable in real rain. Of hope and dream is no sigh far and wide.

Sonia Gandhi is no more vocal on Aam Aadmi. How long could she stretch the lie any way? She is no Gandhi. Look at her Janpath Living. It is truly rulers like, isn't it? Is it any bit like Aam Aadmi?

Gandhi, her hero, worked by beginning charity from home. He even took to loin clothe! No wonder he was sincere and millions followed him into freedom.

Sonia leads millions into despair! Earlier Vajpayee had set other sinister standards. Commies never ever learn, Hindutvas are in disrepute. Who fills the void? Who?

Naturally, I am still at it, patiently writing on, telling my country men and women, hopeless is this path to prosperity, good only for Middle Class, and that that class alone does not India make. 

India is best served by Indianness. Break your heads, listen to the visionary, seek help from the wise, the Pandits. Go back to immortal Shashtras. Only so shall you come out of this self-made mess, seeds to country's re-subjugation. Just take a look at Iraq!

Meanwhile, going by the way of things, Govt. of India may consider naming Indian Republic Rape Republique. Why not?

But that is now daily reality, isn't it? 


More by :  Satish Kumar Shukla

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