On A Desert Island

On my trip to Bermuda last year, I didn't quite enjoy my vacation because I never actually got there. Our small jet plane malfunctioned and we had to take an emergency landing on this deserted island.

Annie, Jimmy, Priya, Sunny and I had decided from way long back to take a trip all together. We thought that we truly deserve to go somewhere exciting and fun. So the five of us all agreed to go to Bermuda. My friend Joe told us about the Bermuda triangle and the mystery behind it. He said that many planes and ships were lost in that area. Even though I was a bit scared after hearing this news I decided that I would go and confront my fear. 

A good friend of ours, Sunny agreed to fly the plane and decided to take us there. We all agreed and before you knew it, everyone was ready to fly. We also trusted Sunny when he consoled us and said that he had been flying for over ten years. We boarded his plane with only our needed necessities considering the plane was small. Priya always likes to have snacks with her, so she brought some along. I bought a bottle of coke and some bags of potato chips. My friend Annie brought six sandwiches, and Jimmy brought some candy bars.

Finally we left and everything was going fine. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining bright and it was quite hot and I was really excited to be in a plane first time with my best buddies. The flight was perfect until the time we hit turbulence once. Sunny told us not to worry because it often happens as we hit some bad weather on the way. After ten minutes we heard some disturbing noise from the plane itself like it was breaking apart and in a matter of seconds, Sunny informed us that we would have to prepare ourselves with emergency landing.

I was so scared that I started to worry because I remembered all the horror stories Sunny told us about the Bermuda triangle. Sunny was trying really hard to make us feel comfortable and was telling all of us not to worry and that if necessary he will call for back up once we land.

We had a rough landing but we were not hurt. From that moment on I knew that we will not go to the place that we planned. So my dreams of having a nice peaceful vacation was gone. Once we got out of the plane I looked around the place and the only people we saw were we. It was a deserted island and somehow we all had this feeling that now we are really stuck, with no help.

To me this place looked like a jungle and I began to miss my home very much. Jimmy and Sunny were trying to fix the problem with the plane while Priya; Annie and I were roaming around trying to find some source of an exit. Thank God we had some food to keep our stomachs occupied until we could. That very evening the guys gave up as to what was wrong with the plane but we all decided to spend the night and see what can be done in the morning. We were scared but were facing the consequences.

The next morning through the plane radio we were able to ask for some help. Unfortunately the help came at 3:00 PM. During that time we all decided to check the place around and catch some wild animals. 

Anyway, we got home and all of us felt relieved and I told my vacation story to everyone. This trip I will never forget because I had such a bad experience, I mean our lives were in danger but through the grace of God no one was hurt. 

This trip will remain memorable in my heart and mind for the rest of my life.


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