Last Warning... No More Opportunity

Hurling abuses is the weapon of weak. It is said that those capable of carrying out threats don't squander their capabilities in going around threatening people. As and when need be they just do it. No warnings. No ifs and buts. On the same lines, India has issued last and final warning to Pak for the millionth time. If we have to believe, Pak has to take this as the last and final call to establish peace. India will no more brook any terrorism in valley. Yes ! this is the last chance. No more. No more chances will be given. Reading this news item I felt on top of the Everest. Pleasant feelings are overflowing in Dal lake of my heart. Yes this is how a Man should be'fair...firm and yet forgiving. Enough is enough. We will tolerate no nonsense, no extremism, no terrorism no any other ism any more. This is our, yes, final stand.

A pertinent question emerges, if terrorism did not stop even then? What next ? yes it is an appropriate question. If terrorism continued unabated despite our last call what will we do.? Ministry of External Affairs' spokesman has said with all the sophistication at his command that a strong, very strong and finally a very very strong note will be sent to his counterpart in Pakistan. Earlier we could have requested Russia to suitably reprimand Pakistan and issue a press release in our favor. But Russia itself is no more. Proletariat seem to have overthrown themselves. Best example of the State withering away under its own (over) weight. We have never been a favorite of USA. Uncle Sam has not found us dependable enough. What next?...we may request and persuade Bhutan, Mauritius and Maldives to issue a press release in our support. In case they agree well and good. If they refuse...then...we have an emergency plan, kind of SOS...issue a press communiqu' (all by ourselves) condemning in strongest possible words the growing global terrorism in general and in Indian subcontinent particularly. We will not keep quiet. Pak should not nurture any misgivings on this account. Bulletin for bullet. We have bulletin in reply to their every bullet. We are second to none when it comes to art of demagogue. We are peace lovers, we adore peace, we idolize peace. Rhetoric is our forte. Therefore, so very appropriately we have again declared that come what may, this is the last chance, similar to announcements made by schools when it comes to selling 'last few seats' to the highest bidder. So dear Paki brethrens ! pray don't take us for a ride...not again. We have given you sufficient advance notice for the nth time. Don't blame us if we decide to act. Come on and get going. By the time you read this 'count down must have already begun so don't delay and don't you blame us for not giving you safe passage or is it corridor you like. High time you paid arrears of our Lahore bus fare. Our DTC is as it is in red. Spend! Allah will send. In our India there is a saying ' credit is scissors of harmony' should hold good in Pak too or you have some contradictory saying.

You never know when we might get annoyed and once we get annoyed anything may happen. Don't be at the receiving end of our annoyance .If we decide to take drastic step, we are not responsible of the consequences. Allah alone knows what may befall upon you. Who knows in our limitless bounty (of benevolence) we might give you yet another opportunity. We have a glorious tradition and precedents of giving opportunities one after another. How many opportunities were given to Mohammad Ghori, historians are still at loggerheads with each other. We gave opportunity to Mughals. We gave countless opportunities to Briton, French, Dutch, Portuguese etc. Had there been a World record (Guinness Book! please note) we would have bagged first position. We are hero number one. We gave Pakistan opportunities in 1965, in 1971 and recently in Kargil so many opportunities were given that Pakistan may not remember accurately. Large hearted that we are, non-violent that we are, ours is the land of Buddha and Mahavira. Our country has been cradle of World civilization, whatever that means. We give opportunity after opportunity . We pardon'we have compassion flowing from wherever it can find outlet towards one and all. Civilized people that we are, we give opportunities first'second'third and so on. Till more civilized (read more daring ) country decides to home-tutor us for a couple of decades'or centuries and teach us a thing or two. 


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