Eunuchs Too...

Amarnath alias Asha Devi's dreams turned sour when the honorable Court decided that in the eyes of law Asha Devi is not a woman but a man, eunuch at that. This decision per say would not have flickered any eyelids had it not resulted in the decree that Asha Devi be removed from the post of Mayor won on the strength of being eunch by Being manly does matter in politics. It is a man's world out there. Statecraft was never the business of feeble hearted especially the ones who are not man enough. Granted that no sacrifice is too big in the interest of ones motherland but right since 1857 there is not a single stance where a patriot has sacrificed his manhood at the altar of national service.

Although it is a common knowledge that well-bred and not so well-bred alike, after entering politics cease to be men. However, that is another story. Going around begging for election ticket, yes siring for party funds, kneeling before party bosses, hiding from CBI etc. takes away all the manhood from a man and what is left is simple lump of a hood or whatever you may prefer to call it.

This, indeed is a historical judgement by the honorable court. Eunuchs, hitherto, were delighted to have been part of Indian real-politik. They thought they have arrived and would actively participate in the power game. They too were looking forward to siphon off their share of booty for rainy days, if not for their sons and sons-in-law. They thought Indian polity has matured and developed to the level where gender will not matter. But sex has again come in their way. They are proved wrong. Where will they go now ? Pregnancies have become few and far between, deliveries still fewer, thanks to family planning nay family welfare and sex determination clinics. Poor eunuchs, once the respected members of watch and ward of over-crowded harems of maharajahs are reduced to begging and extortion at the traffic crossing signals. Here too, unemployed boys disguised as eunuchs give them run for their money. Cause for worry is obvious as again their status of being genuine eunuch is questioned.

As, it is said 'all is fair in love and war', similarly all is fair in power and politics. 'Eunch ?' 'yes sir 100%'. 'No trace of manhood ?' 'No sir not an iota, here is the medical report we are eunuchs through generations.'

When in Madhya Pradesh a eunch became MLA whole of India's political scenario was overnight transformed. Shabnam mausi had won by thumping majority. She had arrived with great fanfare. People thought this will help awaken the politicians who tend to go in for forty winks, nap, siesta and deep slumber depending on the place, need and occasion. Party bosses were aghast and gaped at the turn of events. Shabnam mausi'a eunuch had shown them their place and made them feel bigger eunuchs. The macho men were defeated by a solitary eunuch. Men for the first time suspected their own gender, crying foul.

Now the hon'ble court has put a big question mark on Asha Devi's unique status of eunch declaring her man. It is no joke to become eunuch. It is no child's play.Asha Devi may go in for appeal to higher court and would plead 'not man'. After all it is the 'mayor question'. Otherwise poor Asha will have no asha left in her life and will again be thrown to streets where she and lakhs of her brethrens (or is it sistrens) are condemned to lead sub-human existence.

Indian politician has emerged a winner in the entire game. As the saying goes Caesar's wife should be above board, similarly Indian politicians have proved that they are the eunuchs de facto and in their world of eunuchs there is no room for pseudo-eunuchs. 



More by :  Ravi Pipal

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