Hen, it is often argued, is just an egg's way of producing another egg! Not wrong quite, you might well say. Given the heat generated by the precedence of egg over the hen or vice-versa, it is not unwise to leave the rather debatable issue to itself, thereby avoiding the risk of being labeled as being unfair to the fowl world.

Eggs are, seemingly, a great favorite of one & all, the world over. Many an eggheads can surely vouch for this fact. In fact, Egg has carved out a no mean niche for itself in our daily dietary charts as well. For delectable dishes apart, these universe-shaped objects are full of nutrients or so they say. Eggs may not measure up to the apple's stature as effective doctor-repellents, nonetheless, they've never been short of praise from doctors & chefs alike, who have never failed singing paeans for these. In fact, eggs have caught the fancy of many a writers as well (Agatha Christie's creation, Hercules Pirot's egg-shaped head is a stark reminder of how eggs have 'invaded' the literary world).

As a neo-proponent of say-yes-to-eggs doctrine, I went to the cafeteria for breakfast with great enthusiasm yesterday. However, the sight of a half-boiled egg, place right in the centre of an egg-shaped plate, filled me with an awful sense of deja'vu to say the least. The egg, it seemed, stared right into my face, daring me to have it. I dared not! Since I do not have the flip- flop tenacity of an average politician, I could not eat my words without having egg all over my face. Like discretion, indifference too can prove to be the better part of velour at times. So, I chickened out of the situation in a quiet, silent manner, ignoring the Egg's defiance! After all, who can forget the fact that eggs had triggered a civil war in the land of Liliputs (of Gullivar's Travels' fame) and had capacity to do an encore in our world- the world of taller Lilliputs! You just cannot have the effrontery to call an egg-lover a bad egg, can you?

Being egged-on by the TV commercials to increase the daily intake of eggs may, however, prove to be a curator's egg. One may run the risk of taking the 'appeal' of these ads 'to one's heart', literally so to say. But then, this is the viewpoint of the cynics. And cynics are a hard lot to please, are they not? Granting some latitude for such 'egg'nostics, we, the believers, will always raise our hands above our heads & pray in unison:

Our godfathers of every shade,
Let not our desire for eggs ever fade,
Let your will be done,
Grant us an egg for everyone.
Even if we've to steal, borrow or beg,
But do grant us our daily egg! -----------Amen  


More by :  Vivek Kaul

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