Government Games

Hello friends we welcome you to the daily Government Games which is the most unique type of sporting festival in that the events are not played anywhere in the world and this is held daily throughout the year. We are having the following events for which there are 3 categories of prizes.

Prize 1-Cash+Gifts+Dinner at 5-star hotel, Cash to be brought in suitcases.
Prize 2-Cash to be given in envelopes.
Prize 3-Cash to be given under the table.

Lets have a look at some of the events.

  1. Pass the Buck 
    Originally called as Pointing Fingers, the motto is "Its not my Job". This is a very interesting game where one person passes his responsibility to others and then from there to another until it comes back to the first person. The person who passes the buck along the longest path is declared the winner.

  2. We are Investigating 
    This is a real cracker of a game. We have a team called as committee that is supposed to enquire about any disaster. They can take their own time, lunch at the Government's expense and get paid for doing nothing. The team that takes the longest time to produce its report is the winner. The team that doesn't produce any report at all will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  3. Grab the Dough 
    The most rewarding of all games. Here every individual tries to grab a big share of special cakes like funds, contracts, etc. The individual who gets the largest share of the cake is declared as the winner.


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