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A senior bureaucrat in a public sector organization was asked if he was willing to take the very attractive V.R.S. option as he had just 5 years to go for retirement. He thought about it for a day and returned the next day to tell that he would certainly not go in for it. It did not seem to make sense because the money was extremely attractive and the gentleman had absolutely no familial responsibilities which would come in the way of his hanging the boots, so to speak. Then what made him decide in favor of continuing to stay in the organization? The reason he gave was that if he were to leave the organization where else would he get such free entertainment, on tap ?

This particular gentleman, with a puckish sense of humor, would pull everybody's legs and in the process derive enormous amount of job satisfaction. He has of course rubbed many on the wrong side, especially those who were once his peer level people who have now got up several levels above him in the organization because they had their sights set clearly without distractions and did exactly what was expected of them in order to qualify for higher positions. As a junior level officer he was putting up long-winded notes to the General Manager which would be signed by his immediate boss who had not the foggiest notion of what these notes contained. His immediate boss was certainly not known for his original ideas nor for his contribution to decision-making; he has become the boss because, as the gossip goes, he was bringing the freshest sabzi in the town for his boss's wife.

Our man would fully take advantage of the simplicity of the boss and make him signatory to some very hilarious gaffes tucked away somewhere in the penultimate paragraph of the note about whose existence his boss had absolutely no inkling. The result was for everybody to see. The G.M. would not fail to see the gaffes and consequently 'hit the ceiling' and throw the impugned folder at the signatory. The upshot of all this was some mirth in the department but certainly no full marks for our man in his Annual Performance Reviews.

Once the big boss in H.O. wrote a query in the margin on one of his notes on the business potential available to the organization at one of the shopping complexes .A mischievous reply was written just below the comments that out of the 1500 shops only 250 shops were occupied. The big boss queried again as to what happened to the balance 1250 shops. Our man wrote a reply in the margin that pigeons were roosting in the remaining shops! Our man's boss saw the reply and developed cold feet while lending signature to the flippant reply. He then forced the officer to erase the comments using the white fluid and write a more 'serious ' reply. This was duly done. When the note went to the G.M. he saw the use of the white fluid and asked for the desk officer. He asked him what had been there which was erased . The reply he gave was :'pigeons, sir'.  When asked what the white fluid was for he replied with a smirk: 'These are the droppings , sir.'   


More by :  A. J. Rao

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