Who Dares Wins

For the past few weeks I have been watching a game show on AXN TV called "Who Dares Wins". The format is simple the participant is asked to do a task that requires a lot of courage and is rewarded like doing a tightrope walk, climbing a cliff etc. Well I thought why not have an Indian version of the show, for we are one of the worlds bravest people whatever others might say. So here are some tasks which we can ask our participants to dare or endure. The winner will be paid under the table in time honored Indian tradition.

  • Getting a file passed through a Govt. office without giving a bribe.
  • Taking a trip on Redline buses of Delhi and coming out safe.
  • Walking at midnight on the streets of Delhi (or any major Indian city for that matter).
  • Drinking the municipal water and staying alive.
  • Travel by Indian Railways and reach your home safe.
  • Get your child admitted into a school without paying donations.
  • Breathe the polluted air of any Indian city and remain healthy.
  • Stand in a queue to get into a bus or train.
  • Pay your bills without any bribes or recommendations.
  • Get through the bureaucracy without any major objections.

Well these are only some ideas which I have, if some one else has better ideas they are free to suggest.


More by :  Ratnakar Sadasyula

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