Be Peaceful in Life

Our world is not peaceful place and if there is one thing we deeply understand over the last few years, it is this. The more difficult and uncertain the world around us becomes, the more important it is to nurture a real and abiding peace within our hearts. Be nice to people around you. When there is trouble around you, it is more important than ever to have peace within. Think peaceful thoughts.

Peace is strength at rest. It is high positive energy without high tension. Those who are strong enough to live in peace and at peace, are the strongest indeed and they do maximum good to the world.

You must keep in mind that today, and every day, is an opportunity to put the power of peace to work in your life. Though there may be turmoil and confusion all around you, with a peaceful heart you can find the inner strength to make each and every moment more beautiful than the last.

Try to act from a perspective of genuine peacefulness, and you will act with positive strength, confidence and effectiveness. Hold peace firmly in your heart. Nurture it and let it flow from you, and it will give power to whatever you undertake in life. 


More by :  Dr. Chetan Chopra

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