How To Handle Criticism?

Criticism can be of three kinds:

1. That which is justified and fair.
2. That which may be justified but is delivered in a hostile manner.
3. The unjustified or brutal put-down.

Most people react badly to all three types of criticism. We tend to take critical remarks as a direct attack on our total worth. People in the arts and professions, if they good at what they do, use constructive criticism to their advantage. But most of us go to great lengths to avoid getting criticized.

The first step in learning to handle criticism: Make sure you are really being criticized.

Most of the time, if you bother to examine the situation, no criticism was really intended.
Also, do not invite criticism by such asking insincere questions such as – Did you really like it? Or How did I do? If you can't take a frank and honest answer to such questions you are better off not asking them.

If a criticism is justified, see it in its proper perspective.

If a criticism is unjustified, practice control. Stay cool. Do not give the person who has unfairly criticized you the satisfaction of knowing he has scored.

It is always a good idea to consider the source. Criticism always hurts. But it should not hurt coming from the ignorant, the rude, the uninformed.

It is not a good idea to brood on criticism. Try to dispose it quickly by judging it as either deserved or unjustified. If it is deserved, make a resolution to correct the fault and then forget it. Do not let criticism poison a whole day.

And, hearing in mind how it hurts, you should not criticize others. 


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Comment Better Late Than Sooner The Better!
It's easy to criticize but difficult to create great work of art or scientific research;
Despite that, great masterpieces are created by poets and new things by inventors;
Criticism should bring out the truth in every field of works by great personalities;
Fair judgement in criticism only exposes best and great to the world for appreciation!
Creativity and criticism should go as parallel tracks as the railway line for
The readers like passengers to have enjoyable ride to know full picture best;
By bad criticism, some try to achieve popularity along with the great achievers;
This only shows how low minded they are indicating their inability in any field!
Some tarnish the great image of really worthy ones who surmount all to victory;
For such ones, it's better late than sooner the better to bloom as beautiful flowers;
In the long run, great ones shine like bright Stars in the Sky despite darkness of Sky
Like good for nothing critics always trying to find fault with worthy ones in any field!
It is easy to demolish any well constructed building, but requires great skill
To create great work of art or master piece against all odds of negative criticisms!

T A Ramesh
15-Apr-2021 01:14 AM

Comment I do get unjustified hostlle criticism from family members. I have Attention Deficit disorder. My house is cluttered and dirty. I lost my relationship with my brother becsuse of it. I get criticize for not keeping the place clean and clutterless. They put me down by threatening me and tell me I am lazy I do not care and stupid.. I been put down and belittled about from every one, I have no control over my behavior. Instead of helping me they rudly put me down with criticism. I got to the point of not listening to them. No matter what I do or buy they put me down. I secretly purchase things to avoid their ruly bad criticism. I even been told how to act a certain way. The people do not like the way I wear my hair. I feel it is none of their business what I weare and how I wear my hair. I ignor anyone that criticise me in a negative hostle way.. When I am out in public people treat like a little child the way they respond to me. I do not handle criticism. I feel guilty about everhing I get put down on. My boarder tell me how I should exercise and do other things. I feel like a puppet on a string of being controled by other people . I do not feel love from ruly ignorient people

13-Sep-2012 10:20 AM

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