What is the ultimate power source that can lead to great success? This question is best answered by asking a series of questions. What force........

  • Travels faster than the speed of light?

  • Penetrates all known barriers, whether concrete or steel?

  • Transcends time...both past and future...enabling anyone to turn the clock  backward or forward into infinity?

  • Supplies each of us with an unlimited source of creativity?

  • Splashes oils and paint on canvas to create a masterpiece; blends notes and
    melodies into a masterful musical composition, conceives dreams in the minds
    of men and women, raising them out of poverty into new hopes and vistas?

  • Programs data into the subconscious mind, which calculates break-through
    solutions to what were once impossible deadlocks and unsolvable problems?

  • What is this force? What is this incredible power?

This power that ignites the creative fire is called IMAGINATION.

Imagination is the audio and visual channel that the creator uses to communicate his dreams to your subconscious. When you are tuned in, you are alive and well. Observe your surroundings and you will see countless illustrations of powerful achievements racked up by individuals just like you.

And how is it done?

Through the ultimate power source ...YOUR IMAGINATION.


More by :  Dr. Chetan Chopra

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