Importance of Being Busy

Routines are the unwritten algorithms, followed by each one of us, everyday in life. Routine is a chain of events, which never changes their order, once it is prioritized. Following the routine is a schedule of events. For a student it would be writing assignments, attending school, coaching classes or doing a project. For the businessman brandishing the tiniest Mobile phone and shielded by the darker than black shade of Mercedes, schedule is restricted to attending meetings, presentations and entertaining new prospective clients. 

Sometimes life becomes so hectic that you feel as if you are the only person to whom the whole world has been merciless and that you are the only person who is working harder than anyone else. But this is the thought, which comes due to a thorough introspection of us. Even though others will be facing the same shade of destiny like us, still we find others to be very luckier than us. Yes, the other side of the grass is always more greener and more fresh.

Maintaining your cool, at the times of difficulty and hectic schedules is the key to a bright carrier and successive life. Because unless we ourselves change the pace, with the change in times and keep ourselves abreast of the latest timetable of our organizer, we will lack behind. 

However more the things one has to do or one is into, more is his involvement in a mental, physical or social way into the things in which he is involved. Due to this his own personal problems are out of sight, because all the time his mind is thinking of completing the undertaken tasks. Problems once that they are out of sight, it implies they are out of mind.

Each thing that we do, adds a new dimension to our personality. It shapes our thinking and makes us more organized, experienced, knowledgeable and creative. The time and sweat that we put in everyday into our tasks is the brick and mortar of our future. So friends, it is always better to be busy rather than idle. Now hasn't everyone heard that an idle mind is a devil's workshop? Behind every successful man is a devotedly followed hectic schedule rather than a woman. 


More by :  Deepak Chandrasekaran

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