It is a time tested fact that anything that stands in the way of your integrity will eventually bring you down and create lots of problems in life. If you feel that something isn't right, there's a reason for that sulking feeling – it's because it isn't right. When you act against against your own integrity, you are pushing yourself backwards.

Remember, if you seek to cheat others, you end up cheating yourself. Nothing that you take away from someone else can ever be of any lasting value to you. True value and richness come from authentically being yourself and giving of yourself. The more you give of your love, your care, your time, the more real and fulfilling abundance you'll experience in your life.

How much of your attitude is based on habit and how much is actually chosen?  Is your response to any given situation based mostly on what you do a  thousand times before.

Remind yourself that you do indeed have a choice. Your attitude is yours to determine.

In every situation, choose what is true, what is right, and you'll be making the best choice for your life.


More by :  Dr. Chetan Chopra

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