Integrity Defined

Integrity, a sophisticated word for many. Is integrity, just following some hard-and-fast rules or policies? Let’s redefine ‘integrity ‘. Let integrity be more motivating and easy for practice.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘Integrity’ as the quality of possessing high-moral principles. Apparently, it’s not the responsibility of the dictionary to explain how to be a person of high integrity. Resilience has a fair-share with integrity. Confessions, promises and resolutions to follow good habits and shed bad habits fail many a times. In these times, there arises an unconfident feeling. So there needs an attitude of phoenix-kind, to come out of ashes with a fresh energy and enthusiasm. But you cannot have the choice to be a phoenix all the time. Added to resilience, there should also be determination and confidence to follow the standards and policies that we have set for ourselves. Winning every negative feeling and marching ahead with chins high is a victorious feeling. Integrity is a ‘Richie-rich’ quality to have, because it’s capable of buying all the other positive qualities. Putting our promises and resolutions in a paper is a best way to drive ourselves in executing the standards that we have set for ourselves. But we do fail at times in following those self-defined principles. Never too late. Rise up with a fresh energy; say to yourself that you will never slip-away from your policies again. It’s the way create our own destiny. Integrity with the objective of gaining fame will never help and it can be called as Hypocrisy. Integrity is a self-rejoicing one.

"I desire to so conduct the affairs of this administration that if, at the end... I have lost every friend on earth, I shall have one friend left, and that friend shall be down inside me." –  Abraham Lincoln

The integrity that Abraham Lincoln is worth to make a thought. The Integrity that he possessed gave him all the conviction, determination, and perseverance to become the President of US after all the defeats in Life. Life is to enjoy and rejoice, and the world will not rejoice you every time. It’s the Integrity in us, which will club the hands with us in defeats and upheaval.    


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