Keep Your Cool

Everyone would have heard the famous phrase "Anger is one short of Danger". It is an age-old adage, but it is time tested and still holds true. Things said or done during anger have created havoc with a lot of people and things. The tightly packed bag of mental frustration erupts into a volcano of anger. 

But basically let's try to analyze why one gets angry? When one is not satisfied with the way things have gone, when someone has been taken in for a ride, when one blames life for treating him very badly, and many such trivial things are the various reasons. All the frustrations get collected on one part of our mind and when we can bear it no longer, our feelings are vented in the form of a volcano of emotional tantrums. Anger is one of the major hindrances in self-development, because it narrows our outlook. The mind looses its sense of logic and fairness, when it is accelerated by the arrogant mood of anger.

Getting angry can get your things done somewhere, but not everywhere. This is because as you grow, you yourself are responsible to clean your recycle bin of emotions and frustrations. No one has the foresight or capacity to judge what has bought you to that violent mood or what hardships you have faced. Angry people hardly go places. The closer one comes to this piece of reality, the better he will get.

The best way to counterattack anger is to imbibe patience in ourselves. A person with infinite patience has matured mentally, and is the bravest war-horse over the path of anger. He controlled himself every time and got away from trying circumstances using the best lifeline available. Such people always are in peace with themselves and are always enjoying life.

Anger is never good and it increases anxiety levels of the individual. When one is angry, the heart pumps a lot more blood than the normal capacity and hence it leads to high blood pressure. This may also cause a heart attack. So always be like the hard working duck, which is calm and composed by its expressions, but paddling like hell at the bottom (to keep itself moving). For human beings this means that, we have to keep moving in life by hard work. Never let disappointment and frustrations rule you. You make your own future and destiny, by following the right attitude. 

After all it's all in a state of mind. Everyone has two options. One is anger and other is maintaining your composure through patience. I chose the latter one. What have you chosen?     


More by :  Deepak Chandrasekaran

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