Rules of Credibility

Progressive future and successful life require discipline and character. These things are embedded into the pattern of our lives through proper education and interaction with fellow human beings. A solid foundation of time tested nurtured values attach a character to each and every one of us. Finally, wherever we go we carry our character sub-consciously with us.

A person is character personified only if he has enough credibility. Credibility is an essential attribute that is built on the elements of integrity, reliability, veracity, competence and commitment. Credibility shines in those people who are ethically motivated. Credibility is an important tool in improving your people skills. Credibility ensures a person to win the genuine respect, confidence and trust of others.

To build up enough credibility we have to have a gel of following elements:

In simple words it means standing for your values and be firm on your views. Integrity is an essential factor to win the adulation and trust of others. Integrity is the solidarity with which you make your presence felt. 

Reliability is a very addictive breeding ground for mutual trust and improved interpersonal relations. Evidence of reliability lies in the consistency with which we deliver on commitments, promises and statements. 

Competence is the combined effort of knowledge application, experience and conscientious effort to the best possible solution for a given problem. When deadlines have to be met at the earliest a person's competence is the only handy tool that can see him through that deadline. A competent person has no ifs and buts in his vocabulary. He won't fix a blame for failure on something or someone, but will modulate himself to rectify the situation.

A proper canalization of one's energy, enthusiasm, talent and thoughts into completing a given project or thoughts is commitment. Commitment calls in for a firm mental resolve to fulfill the job at hand and see it through. A committed person won't rest on his laurels till he has completed his duty.

No one is born perfect. But one can hone one's skills by being true to oneself. Early realization of the important change in your life can take you places. So be far sighted and yes do let me know the results. 


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