The Natural Leader

If you would be a leader among people, do so if you possess these three: courage, strength of character, and humility.

For know well that in your accomplishments lies not personal greatness. Any such notion of personal grandeur is a mistaken one. It will only serve to cloud your mind and blur your vision.

If you will know in the depths of your being that at the heart of your success is the mighty power that you draw from - the very same that sustains the universe, then you will be a bright light among the people, and a person of real distinction.

Place then credit where it is due, and for the occasional error, whether it be noticed or not, be quick to tender an apology, for in this does your humility show, and in this is the mark of true greatness. Know that in humility there is great power. Recognize well this as among the paradoxes of life. Fortunate then, will be those who find a leader in you, for their success is assured.

Keep kindness for your shield, and know this is never a weakness, and find your strength in gentleness. In your kindness you will be compassionate and tolerant.

Out of nobility of heart and honor, use wisely words that heal, and keep away from those that cut like swords only to wound. This is the way of the natural leader.

Anjali Mahaldar is founding President of She has a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Microbiology. She has lectured widely both in the US and abroad on various aspects of Vedic Science, including Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation, of which she has been a life-long student.  She has taught Transcendental Meditation to people in several parts of the world, and has been a student of it's founder, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, all of her adult life.


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Comment This is absolutely profound content expressed in beautiful language.
Lovely, dear Anjali !

Jai Guru Dev

Angelika Voss
04-Sep-2020 18:22 PM

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