Think What You Are!

Carbon and oxygen taken together, one atom each, gives you the deadly gas carbon monoxide. On the other hand, these very two elements on some other proportion provide us with carbon dioxide, the harmless gas. When these basic elements can behave in this way so can the human mind!

All human beings inhale the air from this very earth, consume nearly the same kind of food and live under the same sky gaining energy from its only source Sun. Then what makes an individual distinct from each other? It’s the attitude, the behavior that distinguishes one from other person. The thought process going on in our brains is what differs.

Solely our brains control our body, which in turn controls our living, our peace and happiness and overall progress as an individual. What we input is what we get. What we think is what we develop into. What we feed into our brains is what we get the outcome as. On reaping good thoughts and positive attitude in our minds the good follows. Bad thoughts creeping in should be plucked and thrown off as soon as possible.

Human body takes commands from its brains and works. Our brains are functional always. So any kind of thought nurtured in our brains remain there even when we are not aware of their presence. These thoughts are processed without our conscious and the result follows. These outcomes can change our lives. At times when wrong words are spoken, they remain in our sub-conscious minds, without our awareness, and the wrong follows.

Brain as a physical thing is not aware of what is right and what is wrong. When we think about things in some way and the perspective with what we look at them for the first time remain in our mind. Our mind intends to take this perspective as true and makes way for it to follow. So on thinking well the good happens and wrong thought brings unhappy situations. Human beings learn from the situations faced in life and their thinking is affected by the circumstances faced. This in turn affects the thinking. Thus our life and our thoughts are mutually related. To lead a good life it is desired to think good.

So is rightly said, “What you think is not what you are… but what you THINK is what you are!” 


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