Times are Changing...Open Up!

As a kid in school, when one textbook was more than enough to pass an exam with flying colors, I came across a line " Nothing in the real world is fixed". This was probably my eight grade physics textbook, which had more information regarding history of scientific inventions and scientists, rather than science itself. No statement can voice its message louder than this one.

As we live each day, many things around us change. Something's change by the hour and some by the minute. Your mind changes its moods and decisions every millisecond or so, sometimes even before you are aware as to what made u take a step, spark a fight or compromise on something. Changes are inevitable, and if they ought to happen, they will.

An unknown force of equilibrium guides changes. Nothing can remain unchanged or remain untouched. The loop of change encompasses the infinity. But still we as human beings treat change as something, which we can do without. Its either the fear of loosing our time tested experience or memories some where or having not so good premonitions of the future.

This stubbornness to put our heads down to changes isn't gonna take us anywhere. The waves of time will finally put us on top of the surfboard of change. So instead of being swept away by the ruthless time, why not welcome change? Why not welcome it with open minds and prepare ourselves for the inevitable? After all it isn't going to be that bad. Quiet possible that the arriving change in our life would be the greatest boost or pepping agent that we ever needed.

  • Tread the places where u never put your feet on.

  • Do the job you never dreamt of.

  • Think of what you could have never thought of.

'Because after all life is a cup of attitude. Cheerfully drink it with a smile and enjoy it to the fullest.      


More by :  Deepak Chandrasekaran

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