Variety Fuels Creativity

Variety is the fuel for survival.

Variety injects the fluid of creativity in the most barren of minds. To be grooved on to your POA of a successful career life, variety combined with flexibility to fit in changing circumstances is the major mantra of the hour.

No job can be done in one single way. The more one explores, more will be the different dimensions that will be observed which can help to complete a job. It is logical to choose the better way of doing a thing among various available options. Innovation is your own discovered way of doing a job, that has been appreciably noticed and yielded favorable results. Innovation is just like a fresh paint being splashed on the walls of creativity.

Innovation is not something that cannot be achieved by us. Belief in ourselves jelled with the unique distinction of having the ability to give concrete shape to our values and ideas is what that separates the boys from the men. It takes a lot of guts to venture out and execute the algorithm of ideas on our mind. The initial phase is the toughest, which will not find give you any favorable takers or pushers. But to keep on going when the going is tough is what that takes a test of mental perseverance and never say die grit and determination.

For students they can spice up their lives with variety by focusing on extra curricular activities apart from academics. Agreed that academics are the time-tested key to a good career and a secure job, but the books don't make you become street smart. No matter how long u have read on swimming, unless and until u enter the water and swim, all the reading is useless. The recipes given in a cookery book are not there to be read like a book, but to be tried practically. Extra curricular activities help one to deal with people, tells one the areas where theoretical theories can't be applied in real life and also changes the individuals outlook to various problems. Also time management becomes easy by involving one in various activities. Remember that only a busy man can find time, because he knows to set his priorities and take out time even for the smallest task, no matter how busy his schedule is.

Variety is the spice of life. Just like different spices flavor the food in a different way, variety flavors any task. The aroma of creativity revitalizes the mind to open its creative reserves.


More by :  Deepak Chandrasekaran

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