Who Said We Have To Be Perfect?

As humans as we are, we are not perfect, we know, don't we?

Some of us may try more some of us, less; some don't worry too much about being perfect.

In the end, it probably isn't that much about being 'perfect' but being human, being an individual. An individual, part of this big cosmic net we all belong to in our own individuality, but at the same time being all interconnected.

We are individuals with good and bad features, with a superb intellect and/or health, with illnesses and disorders and so on. But it is right there where and what the challenge of life is: If we have weaknesses and we are aware of them, then let us try to overcome them; if we can't, let us try to live with them the best way as possible, never falling into self compassion, that hole is too deep and too dark, and leads us and the ones around us, nowhere.

Instead, why don't we try to work on ourselves? How? Why not 'scanning' us as objective as possible, to see where and why we are failing, what we may and can improve. I'm sure we can. I don't believe in the saying that 'particularly after a certain age' there is no way that a human being is able to change.

We are always moving between good and bad, happiness and sadness, good and bad temper, mood swings. We have to accept this as part of our own individuality. Once we accept it, we will be more able and willing to correct and change for better, whatever we want and can.

We don't have to be perfect, who said that? We just have to be us, ourselves, always trying to grow and improve through our paths of life. But we should never forget  positiveness, optimism. We should always see 'the glass half full, not half empty'. And last but not least, never do to do others what we wouldn't others to do to us.


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