JS : An Era Forgotten

That was one beautiful era; there wasn't so much of material wealth, but there was so much of hope in the air, so many dreams to catch and  so much of beauty for the sake of beauty. 

For those of us who got their daily doses of good western music from Radio Australia, Radio Ceylon - Eric Fernandez, and Jija Bhattacharya of Lunch Time Variety, JS was a  feast, serving up gossip and news about the world of rock and pop music  to starving fans like me in small towns. 

I remember the ghost story contest that JS would hold just before winter started, and the winning stories would be published in December. Jug Suraiya once wrote a real  funny one called The Srinagar Ghost or something like that. 

Two people who wrote a lot of non fiction articles in JS were Mohan Bawa and Rima  Kashyap. I don't know what happened to them. 

Till the age of twelve or thirteen I used to contribute regularly to the Benji Club in JS, I even won prizes in their contests a couple of times. I wonder whether old  copies of JS are still available somewhere. I would buy the whole lot  if I could lay my hands on them.


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Comment Dear Madam
I am late in reading this article and I stumbled upon this article of yours while searching for info on Musical bandbox. In mid 80's I was a school student in Kolkata and this channel introduced me to western music program.
I would like to know whether this channel is still on air and if Jija Bhattachrya still anchors it. If yes, can I send her a request on her official email ID?

Thanks & Regards

Subrata Dutta
02-Aug-2015 11:53 AM

Comment Dear Mr Biswas,
Rima KAshyap is my mom. She currently brings out her own newspapaer called NGO Connect. You may contact her at this address - "Rima Kashyap" , "rima kashyap" ,
she would be thrilled to hear from you!

raena kashyap reddy
23-Feb-2013 12:14 PM

Comment Today while surfing through the net I came across this small piece of writing.What an unexpected experience! It was a sheer thrill! I had gone back nearly more than 35 long years.It was really an era.'Lunch Time Variety', 'Juke Box' all those program in the radio.It used to be an extraordinary attraction for us.Gone are the days.Thanks to Ms.Rumjhum Biswas for this wonderful memoir.

Somnath Guha
17-Nov-2011 01:59 AM

Comment The Statesman House itself is up for sale, we hear. Buy it and you will get the whole lot of it.

14-Nov-2010 02:39 AM

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