Are You Aware?

What makes you pause here?

It could well be just another pause en route our journey or you may name it a milestone, a turning, a crossing or even our destination but isn’t it true that just prior to this moment, when you began scanning these words, both of us could have been walking side by side, may be a step behind or a step ahead, unmindful of one another, totally unawares of our being! The identity of the letters, which have gone into the making of these words, and that of the words which have contributed towards giving a tangible shape to certain thoughts, had never been unfamiliar to either of us yet weren’t we, as individual entities, somewhat oblivious of our identities? We became aware of one another only once we found ourselves witnessing this hide and seek being played by thoughts and words.

Is it that you find these words revealing to you a vaguely apparent pattern woven on the canvas of our minds? Or is it that it appears to you that you are on the verge of unscrambling a continuity that sustains an apparent gap between the two of us? This is the same continuity that also sustains the gap between any two life forms, which have ever existed in the universe. The awareness of all this has brought into existence a totally new realm, a new world, within the ambit of this universe involving both of us and also every other being around us. It appears as though the world that we call as ours has come into existence only with the dawn of this very awareness. Are you aware that you were not aware of this unique facet of our existence till the moment you paused here irrespective of the cause, to be with these words, these thoughts or just me?

Isn’t it a fact that every tree, shrub, climber or creeper, albeit the entire world of vegetation, remains just a conglomeration of plants for us till the time the awareness of the classification of plant kingdom arrives with its consequent divisions and their nomenclature. Similarly, the world of every individual too keeps on acquiring different hues and varying dimensions as dictated from time to time, by the awareness of the disposition of other individuals and their individual spheres of existence.

Awareness is a very peculiar phenomenon. Neither can it survive without the subjects and nor can it do without the vehicle of time for it to arrive. But it makes it appear to its subjects as though they did not exist prior to that moment or earlier than the arrival of awareness itself. It makes it appear as if the subjects, the moment, and the very existence of existence itself - all depend upon awareness only. To some extent it is true but not completely. Actually, the subjects as well as the moment with which it arrived had already existed even prior to the advent of awareness. It is something like light that brings forth to life the articles placed in a room, which appeared non-existent as long as the room remained dark.

The relation of awareness with the subjects is like that of the image and the screen on which the image gets projected. The moment you withdraw the screen there is no image. For its existence the awareness of being, becoming and feelings etc. depends upon an individual’s perception of the inputs derived from the interaction of sense organs with the objects in the outside world. As soon as one realizes that irrespective of the result this interaction itself is not possible without a facilitating substrate that very moment the awareness vanishes because that all pervasive substrate now becomes apparent. And with this vanishes the existence of you and me, this and that, and all that constituted our world in and around us.

Similarly the awareness of being together or separate, near or far arriving or departing is at best transient only.

Entire creation of the awake dissolves into nothingness.

Awareness bears the fruit of duality and plurality.    


More by :  Dr. Vidur Jyoti

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