Bliss in Solitude

It was a dark and lonely night when, wandering down the plains and valleys, he reached the seaside. The moon had deserted the stars and the skies were lonely too. A mysterious loneliness permeated the entire creation. Coming from some far away undulating plains he found himself in the company of vast, endless ocean spanning the infinite limits of the distant horizon. Was it the culmination of his journey?

Wonderstruck by that all pervading solitude, he stood there motionless watching the frenzied dancing of ecstatic waves and listening to a celestial tune emanating from the bosom of a ubiquitous roar of the sea. Rising majestically from the ocean and rushing to lose themselves in the embrace of sands, the dancing waves crafted intriguing patterns. Was the esoteric meaning of the cycle of initiation and culmination ensconced safely in those patterns? 

That incessant all-encompassing symphony of the sea brought to him the silent echoes of slowly but majestically wafting snowflakes floating across the skies to rest on the hill tops, notes of raindrops falling on the forest leaves, the melody of the brook and the song of the ever-flowing river rushing to nestle in the depths of ocean. The breeze brought to him the songs of seafarers who left those sands long ago to sail across the yonder horizon. The reverberating notes of an all-pervading music made him marvel at the mysterious hand conducting that enticing orchestra. Was he really alone on that beach? 

He could almost palpate some one else's presence all around him and sharing his solitude. The breeze and its tales of the long gone seafarers, the dancing waves and their patterns on the sands, the roar of the sea and the music in its bosom were there to give him company. He could feel the joy experienced by the raindrops when they merged with the brook and the rapture of the brook losing itself into the river. The waves brought to him the jubilation and gratification enjoyed by the river when it rushed forth to lose itself in the embrace of the ocean. 

He seemed to begin to lose himself to the elements surrounding him. But that profoundly eerie feeling of losing himself only made him feel one with his own self once again. The cadence of his breath merged with the song of the breeze and the rhythm of his beating heart with the rising and falling waves. The surge of blood in his body became one with the surging waves. The physical confines of his being seemed to melt away into the endless stretch of the yonder horizon and as he emerged out of the carnal confines he found himself one with the elements; his existence transcending his being and becoming one with the infinite. Losing his finitude he emerged forth ever ecstatic, blissful a contented being with an everlasting happiness bathing his entire existence. The traveler did not exist any longer nor did the journey; only an omnipresent happiness and bliss permeated the entire creation all around on those sands.


More by :  Dr. Vidur Jyoti

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