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Last weekend I saw the Hindi movie Dil Chahta Hai. The entire group of ten had gone to see the movie. When I was in the theatre I was laughing out loud during the first half and even during the second half I am sure people were disturbed by the comments we were passing. We as a group create a hungama wherever we go.

Only after coming out of the theatre did I realize how easily I could correlate most of the things on the screen to something or someone in my life! Our group is a bigger group as compared to the group of three in the movie. We are a group of happy go lucky people and nothing can stop us from enjoying ourselves.

We are mad travelers. At any point of time we would be traveling, planning to travel or have just come back from a short trip somewhere. We do not need any excuse to take off somewhere, just a two-day weekend with nothing to do is enough (and to make it worse, there are at least four such weekends in the month)! Our social life takes up so much of our time that we don't have private lives at this stage. And fortunately for us we don't feel sorry for that.

OK. All those who haven't seen the movie might be wondering what I am talking about. The first half of the movie is about three friends who are just out of college and are enjoying life together as great friends. The second half is about how each one of their lives has changed and how life has taken them to different destinations only to bring them back together. This movie is not one of those high funda movies and this movie has all the aspects of a typical Bollywood movie like dancing around trees, unbelievable bits, rich heroes and so on. But then there was something about the movie that made us feel comfortable watching it.

The more I thought about the movie, the more I liked it. And who ever I spoke to had the same feeling. Each one of us could correlate to some part of the movie. 

One reason we as a group liked the movie more must have been because the movie portrayed our life as a group. We took our own time to grow as a group. At some stage we were a group of bachelors and spinsters and life was enjoyable with no one or nothing to curtail our freedom. We would decide at 9:00pm that we wanted to go out for a drink and by 10:00pm we would be in some pub drinking our life away (even if it was just orange juice!). Nothing could separate us. And we had no sense of time. Anyone could barge into anybody's bedroom at 2:00 in the morning just to tell him/her how the office party went or anything sillier for that matter! 

Today we stand at a juncture where most of us are getting married and each one has moved into a separate house to start a new life. Each one of us wondering as to what will happen to our life tomorrow, where will we go? Will our new partner in life understand this friendship? While the ones who are getting married are worried this way, the very few ones that are not getting married, at least at the moment, are wondering what will happen to the group? Will we still leg it to the nightclub at 12:30 because we got thrown out of the pub or will we stop going to the pub because there is no enough crowd? 

All my heart desires is that like in that movie everything ends well. All of us should be a part of the group as long as possible without any problems. New people may join the group, old ones may leave but still I wish that everything went on just the way it does now. I guess this is all what life is about. But still my Dil Chahta hai…   


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