Nupur…My Friend

Few seconds'that was all'
for which the earth shook and snatched the entire life time of people.
Seconds of time which stranded in the debris of cement and steel 
and with them was trapped the soul of many a thousands.

It took us 6 years to become good friends and it was gone in less then 60 seconds.
Nupur'my friend Whom I lost to those shattering moments'
Now no more would I hear the music of her voice. It was buried on that 26th'
Her bright eyes typical of ma Durga and being a Bengali she had them, 
a dancing mischief was always present when ever they sparkled'
Now those eyes have drooped in deep slumber. 
Never to wake up again and cast their spell on me'

She came to Ahmedabad for two days and left the place never to come again'
Why she? 
Perhaps no one would be able to answer this question'
I have been in this city for past two years and I survived 
and that poor girl who came here for few days could not'
Nupur'like her name was the music for the ears of her parents. 
And being the only kid most loved one as well'

I can not define the relationship I had with her.
A friend, of a buddy, of an elder brother or what was it..?
I dunno, nor would I like to give it a name.

It all started when we used to exchange 
the bootable floppy in our computer lab and strangely 
for one full year we hardly spoke except exchanging few pleasantries'
I guess this was the 1995-96, second year in college, 
fresh transformation into the seniors category 
and from being ragged to taking ragging.. 
life has just started looking like a party to us...picnics, fests, cultural nites...

Final year of graduation' was different'
Full of optimism, a bit of nostalgia, 
lots of skepticism towards future.. exams, 
competition, every one of us was at cross roads'
trying to carve a career for ourselves'

She was the only girl in my class 
who would help me in my practicals, 
at times even making graphs and writing computer programs for me 
when I was too busy performing on the stage 
or playing TT for the university 
or bunking the classes for movies'

Why she did that, I dunno yet, but ya she did care for me... 
That was when we started knowing each other, 
started talking, sharing some secrets, fears, dreams, thoughts, 
and even our school days crushes as well..
She was a very shy girl from inside, 
though exteriorly she was a chatter box 
who could talk for hours with out baiting an eyelid. 
But like me she too was a loner.
Perhaps that was what drew us closer and we started the process of becoming friends.

It was the year 1997.. the year we graduated....
Life took different turns for both of us after that..
Though we used to meet during our study breaks 
but it was thru letters we kept a tab on each other's life..
The transformation in her started from her first year of her Post Graduation it self, 
from a shy and reserved person 
she opened up a bit and started making new friends and blooming as a person. 
Though she never left her childishness.. 
and for me she always remained a kid. 

A kid who was so full of life, 
a kid who was always talking about life, 
about her career plans, about her future, how would like her life to be...
Some one who wanted to go beyond horizons and touch that blue red sky
Some one who had dreams...her own dreams....
They shattered on that earth shattering moment....
Gone are those dreams with those eyes 
that have now gone to eternal sleep...
No longer I hear that sweet voice...
and no more that vivacious smile welcomes me...

She is no more...
But her memories linger on....
She was, 
A friend, a companion, a classmate... 
a wonderful human being...

Life is not the same after those few seconds...


More by :  Dwarika Prasad Uniyal

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