Common Man's Millennium - A series of 10 articles

Are we breathing fresh "Millennium 2000" brand air yet? The wheel of the century has turned and Year 2000 is still a big hype and a marketing fad turned big business opportunity. The Y2K bug was trampled miserably and many say, "so have our lives". The Cold war has ended, attentions have shifted, lifestyles have changed, leaders have fallen and the human race is on an all-time technological high. But has life changed for the Mexican farmer, the Thai cart puller, the Indian fisherman or the Australian aboriginal hunter?

Let us stop peeking into the common man's food basket only and try to focus on other important issues of his life. With this series I am attempting to delve into the various waves and reflections of his daily existence and discuss about a specific issue each week. In the next ten issues, I would attempt to highlight on an issue of his life and throw the court open for your views and comments. I would try and share those with all our dear readers at IndiaNest.  Keep the cyber ink flowing and keep mailing me your views.


More by :  Subrata Mukherjee

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