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One may most correctly say that the backbone of a nation lies in its political framework and willpower. Strong governance and a stable political milieu can go a long way towards developing a nation's prosperity and salvage plenty of fame and fortune in this world. Today as I talk, there are thousands of political plots been planned and implemented. Politics has become a prosperous profession where dividends are alarmingly high with risks a-plenty. In this sphere nobody is a friend or foe. Everybody is vying for the same piece of bread, which is "The Throne"

For the common man, politicians are nobody but the masters of the nation. It might sound ridiculous to many of us; but that's how the teeming millions of many developing countries conceive their leaders. And to be objective, many of them even do not know who is their Prime Minister or President; leave aside contenders for the next election. 

Have we ever attempted to understand the causes of their apathy towards the political system of the world. The leaders have themselves to blame. They only have failed to reach their hearts. They have only attempted to put their hands into their pocket of dwindling resources, which is even crazier. 

In most of the countries worldwide, a sizeable chunk of the population does not go to vote. That means they are totally disinterested in the governance of their own country. And frankly speaking how does the common man benefit from one government to the other. Their problem is still the same: education, health care, social security, lack of roads and sanitation, unemployment and tons of other basic issues. What difference does it make to him; whether the leader of his nation is, a Republican or a Democratic, a Congress or a BJP, an elected leader or a dictator CEO. For him, whoever addresses his basic issues gets his share of heart and is a step towards been lifelong loyal to him.

The best thing about developed countries is that their government has put in place a system of political or social accountability. If you want to take credit for your goods, you would have to accept your flops with open arms. The questions of social accountability sometimes lack totally in politicians of today. Even after all those Monica Lewenski or Paula Jones scandals, the President of the most powerful country in the world survives with glory. Why blame US alone? Most of the countries in the world have seen a lot of corrupt or faceless leaders sitting on the throne. These leaders have been elected by the millions of earthlings who have seen a father figure in them and who would be seen as examples for emulators. 

For the common man the main question is "Is there any hope? Would we ever be taken into the social and political movement of our country? Would we be ever considered more than just numbers of a substantial vote bank?" The questions are grave and it is high time that administrative and governing bodies throw off the cynicism and hypocrisy and become good citizens before becoming good leaders.


More by :  Subrata Mukherjee

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