A Winning Day!

When life gets the better of me, I turn to God for help and'he always seems to be there, thought John as he limped across the furnished room towards the window. After all, this had become his favorite spot. He looked down the building to watch the football match in their local park. Spotting him, one of the boys yelled, 'Hey! Come here and cheer us all.'

John waved off his hand in refusal. His face was grave under the strain. Why couldn't he come out of his cocoon 'pain seized him as he recalled those terrible moments at war. Yes! War had destroyed everything for him- his freedom and happiness! He had lost his leg while trying to be brave. Why the hell didn't he run from the battlefield as others did? The war had destroyed men and morals throughout the world!

The shock of losing his leg and a dear friend lingered on in his mind. It had embittered him. Why, even Anna had avoided him when he had returned from the war, battered and dejected. He was jolted back to reality by the loud ringing of the phone. ' I hate phone calls!' As no one was at home, he limped towards the phone to pick it up.

'Hello, John! It's Mike here. We're going for hunting tonight. Care to join us? What say?'

'Thanks but no thanks! I wouldn't care to be a spectator for your sport. Goodbye!' And he dropped the phone.

He couldn't help but pity himself. Life was truly cruel. Every time he moved or walked, he'd be in pain due to the strain. Cursing his luck as usual, he walked back to the window. He spotted a lovely girl sitting on the park bench, smiling. He was somehow amused by her attitude. She paid no special attention to the guys around her. He felt an inner urge to talk to her, to reach out to her'would she be put off by his limp figure?
There she sat on the bench, so peacefully. She was so pretty! John hesitated a bit and then decided to approach her.

'Hi! I'm John. You're new on the block?'

'Huh? Oh, hi! My name is Greta. Yes, I'm new here. Actually, I've just joined the Blind Home here.' It was said so casually that for a moment he did not understand her, and then it hit him!

Shame filled him up! There he was sulking and cursing his life and fate; and here was a girl who had practically lost her world but was smiling. God surely taught him a lesson for his life. All along, he had pitied himself for losing something he valued a lot'until he met this girl who had nothing to lose in the first place! 


More by :  Naira Yaqoob

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