Menace of Population and Aids

Inspite of many trash journals there are also some magazines making achievements in their long journeys in the presentation of articles with point by point expression of ideas for the information and understanding of readers about the burning topics of world today. AIDS and Cloning are the concern of everyone thanks to the publicity for the wake up call to the public given by such outstanding magazines in the world.  


When the sages themselves are going awry, sexually there is no chance for the common men, truck-drivers and youths to restrain themselves by abstinence, faithfulness and the use of contraceptive devices or pills. Sex is the cheapest form of entertainment for 60% of population in the villages of India. If awareness is not created socially, psychologically and religiously, by 2010 India may excel China in population and Africa in AIDS!

Business and Pleasure

In the developed western countries, business and pleasure are the two sides of a coin. Sex is a thing of fun and woman is a thing of entertainment there. Modern life has gradually broken the chain of joint family into nuclear families to selfish individuals. So, to satisfy their sexual urge, they go to Bars and Pubs and finish the job. In the course of time, human culture is deteriorated by lack of morality, rationality and discipline due to the cause of promiscuity being promoted by pornographic magazines and such programs and advertisements in Cinema, TV and Computer Videos under the influence of western civilization.


Drunken, mad and lustful men cannot overcome the provocations of sexy women of various attires in the public life. Though fair sex is the cynosure for sexual desire, only women are more affected than men. So, it is through women only the spread of AIDS can successfully be prevented by the internal use of contraceptive pills or the external use of microbicide gels or creams by them.

Cure for AIDS

The cure for AIDS is still in the laboratory experiment stage only. AIDS virus slowly eats away the T lymphocytes that protect the human body against diseases. After the depletion of T lymphocytes in 10 to 14 years, immunity becomes ineffective to protect the body against the attacks by all kinds of bacteria thereby prolonging illnesses to the end of life. So, first the HIV virus has to be eliminated by Vaccine followed by the elimination of bacteria by Antibiotics for the cure of AIDS. After the lab testing, perhaps to bring out the AIDS medicines in 2 Tablet forms will take many years. Till then, AIDS drugs only can prolong the lives of AIDS patients, it seems.

Human and Therapeutic Cloning

After plants and animals, discussion is on whether human cloning is necessary or to ban it totally or partially. Human cloning will be a scientific revolution, which is against natural evolution. No experiment is carried out yet. It is feared that genetic defects in cloning may cause havoc to mankind in the future like in the Frankenstein Story created by Mary Shelley or the dystopia depicted in The Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

Though human reproductive cloning may be postponed as long as possible, therapeutic cloning has to be developed for the sake of curing illnesses like Cancer, diabetes, paralysis, Alzheimer, etc. as per the views of the late Superman movie famous Christopher Reeve and many nations of the World.   


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