And, The Bell Rang

Well getting angry was never an issue with human beings, ofcourse what was, was the limits it could go to. Afterall you never know, it may be a knock on your door.

It was a bright sunny morning in Raleigh, North Carolina. And so being a Sunday increased the cause of rush in malls and supermarket. Young couples, ladies, oldies everyone was seen purchasing grocery and other utility goods. Infact the vegetables and fruits too had a special flavor of freshness on Sunday mornings. Among the loud speaking vegetable vendors, one could sense a smell of softness and beauty in the air. Looking back one almost realized the flow of sensuality around, for what one saw was a 5.8, long dark beautiful hair, with black shiny eyes an angel that almost seemed to have been curved just on the figure lines of Goddess Venus. Infact she looked to be a person of her very own world, for what she wore a red dark frock with lots of flowers had gone out of fashion many years from them. But she didn’t mind it at all; her black silky hair went zooming from one side to the other making just not the vegetable vendors but also the people around glare at her white juicy legs which gave them a taste of her sensuality and boldness.

This beautiful lady was Zena or would I say Mrs. Zena Xavier, married to Joseph Xavier about ten years from then, but still a lot of people thought that she was in her 18 till I die years. Zena had a love marriage with Joseph, why well no one would know. For the problems they had after marriage was unthinkable. Infact in the last six months the problems had risen to such heights that Joseph had to take a preferable transfer out of Raleigh to Charlotte, perhaps just to save their marriage as well as also for the future of their eight year old daughter Rosey. Rosey ofcourse was perhaps more like her father, since she had the talents of being a wonderful singer just like her father who in his early years sang in the church at festival times. Now ofcourse was a different day for he was selling policies and not his voice.

After returning back from the market, Zena just lay like a dead body in her bed. The humidity of Raleigh had got to her and she had become tired and sweaty. Within minutes she got up from the bed and undressed herself nude. Just as she was about to go for a hot bath, she noticed the curves of her gorgeous body and admired it in her own eyes. This admiration eventually led her eyes to a shiny ting of mischief that crawled inside her. Just then she realized the reality and her responsibilities and thus with a shake of her head went in her hot bubble bath.

A few seconds of peace and then rang a disturbing bell. Something which made her drip inside the tub, as if to hide her nudity from the stranger. Before she could think of something the bell went over again and this time for some more loud seconds, as if to tell her in its own language get up or I will kill you. Immediately Zena ran towards the door wrapped in her beautiful and artistic towel which had the impression of a man and woman making love, as she reached the door she made sure to put up the chain for security reasons, afterall she never knew who it was going to be.

The door made its small way and the stranger wished her good afternoon, just then his eyes got rolled over to her cleavage which had drops of water dropping down, something which had taken his attention away. As soon as Zena realized the stranger’s eye moments she asked for his purpose and who he was. The stranger told her that he was Jack Douglas and had come to know from a near by house which belonged to his friend, that there was some room available in her house for rental basis. In her reply Zena told him that though there was some empty space in her house she hadn’t planned or asked to give it on accommodation of paying guests. Listening to Zena’s reply Jack politely said a sorry to her and asked if she could get a glass of water for him, since the noontime was hot and sticky. To this Zena slowly moved her head and went into her kitchen to get some cold water. As she was pouring the water in the glass she just kept thinking about Jack’s features right from his nice jawed out face, long nose, light brown eyes to the muscular body he possessed and also the two top buttons of his shirt through which she had a glance of his chest hairs. He was surely a man that could bring shivers in a women’s body, just then the water from the bottle started to come out of the glass and Zena sure had a naughty smile to this act of hers. Moving towards the door Zena had decided this time to unchain the door and offer the glass of water to Jack. But as she opened the door to Jack, there was no Jack. All what was, was a piece of paper which said sorry was getting late if you have any change of plans then please call me at 0919825218595, I will wait for your call, Sign Jack.D.

The mysterious Jack had made his way into Zena’s heart and knowingly or unknowingly he himself knew that she had already taken him in her heart, and to be a paying guest was now a mere formality.

The anxiety of Jack leaving without any notice had put her in dilemma, and thus she decided to give him a call and tell him to come up to her place by five in the evening, since she had to pick up her daughter from school prior to those plans. As she decided to pick up her cordless, her heart beats had gone faster and faster. Infact she very well knew herself that she was falling for Jack. The ring went and then there was a manly hello as if to say I was waiting for you. Zena immediately asked Jack to come over for a coffee in the evening at her very place so that along with coffee they could also discuss the monthly rents and the regulations of the household.

Rosey had arrived from school and so had Mr. Douglas who was now sipping coffee with Zena. By this time Zena had become totally crazy about Jack, to his way of talking to his brand of cigars, the davidoffs. Everything about this guy deeply interested Zena. While for her daughter Rosey who had rather a pale relationship with her mother, things were getting seriously worse for her. But at the moment she knew she couldn’t change anything for all she was, was a eight year old miserable.

Times changed and things moved ahead. Also with changing times, evolved the love relationship of Jack and Zena. And although Zena was still Joseph’s wife, she had got into a relationship where Jack looked more than a husband for Zena. At that moment life was going very smooth for both of them, they drank, smoked and shared the same beds. The hunger of lust which had remained hidden for many years had finally erupted through Jacks masculinity of which Zena’s senses couldn’t hold against. But then as bad times don’t stay for long, so do the good times and thus rang the bell which changed their destiny’s.

But this time it wasn’t Zena who opened the door, but Jack himself who was wearing a mere towel to cover his second half. Opening the door he asked the stranger who stood 6’1 in front of him as to who he was. In the first few seconds all he got was a bad stare from the jumbo, and then came the much anticipated thrashing punch which left Jack alone without his towel. This time although it wasn’t his nudity that he was worried of, but of the person who had just thrashed him to some primitive dressing. Eventually this jumbo turned out to be the so called Lost and Found husband of Zena. As soon as Zena heard the thrashing noises coming from the front room, she rushed to find that her hubby was back with a bang.

And this time it was Jack whose bones were getting some beating. She herself very well knew Joseph and that nothing could stop this destructive giant and thus in a great sense of shock decided to witness all of it as if to say please don’t do this to me. But then Jack came lucky, his quick reflexes helped him to get a hammer of which he made best use to get the big guy down to his knees. Witnessing her father getting injured Rosey couldn’t stop herself and started shouting for help running towards the neighboring houses. This hurt Jack and he went after the little angel who was about to face something, perhaps something really bad. Just then Joseph saw his last images before he went in a state of unconsciousness. In some time Joseph got back to the conscious state of mind, where his vision slowly started to return. But then it was perhaps pandemonium what he witnessed. His daughter Rosey had been put too a brutal killing, Jack. D had put a knife right through Rosey. Even to his wife Zena he saw her in one of the most devastated position where she had some thousand odd injuries glued to her naked body and tied in ropes. And very next to her was kept a note, “With Love, Jack. D”. Disaster had struck the Xavier family; they had lost their love, trust and the most precious of all their beloved Rosey.

The police thereon came and took the statements, Joseph being a kind and forgiving husband told them about the situation deleting all distinctive marks which pointed towards the character assassination of his wife. The time of his entry in the house had been manipulated for the police, just to save his wife from the controversies of the world. When Zena came to know about her husband’s forgiveness towards her, she couldn’t stop crying and thus asked Joseph for one more chance. Within a few days as Zena got better with health, the Xavier family returned to their home, where in the initial few days they were haunted by their daughter’s screams which made hallucination come alive in all the parts of the house. And then day after day the things that made a family happy started to come true with the Xavier’s too. Except for the fact that Jack.D was alive and perhaps still on the prowl.

Just as things were going fine with the Xavier’s, their greatest nightmare came into existence. The bell rang once again. For a moment while going towards the door Joseph got stuck in the past, and then came a voice from his wife, “Don’t worry Honey he is not coming back”. These words didn’t take much of a time for Joseph to understand, as he opened the door he realized that what Zena just spoke of was actually true.

Jack. D had been layed to rest the same night the Xavier’s daughter was killed. For it wasn’t he who killed Rosey but her very own mother, who had run into a well thought plan by killing the two and getting herself heavily injured. She very well knew this was her only way out. And all this had been proved by the post which had just arrived at the Xavier’s place, it was a letter from the Insurance Company which had asked Zena, Jack’s so called wife to collect the money from their office. For if Jack would have been alive this would never been there. What happened after that was pure tragedy where Joseph murdered his own wife and then surrendered himself by calling the cops. Eventually Joseph was given a life sentence and his house was given to his lawyer as fees for the case that he had fought for him, and eventually that place was sold to someone else.

And then once again rang the bell, to which Joseph’s lawyer asked who is it? Well its Mike, Mike. D but you can call me Jack. My friends call me Jack.

(Jack.D once said, “If relationships were based on mere papers then the bell would always ring isn’t it”?)

But that wasn’t the end of Jack. D, for once again he was in the news. Except this time it had been 15 years to the incident.

And, The Bell Rang ... Once Again

“Who killed the man, the king or the pawn?”

Slowly, softly she started to unbutton his Pierre Cardin and with a sleek slip out, he was there half naked in front of her. The bulge of his well shaped chest was making her even naughtier. Shifting base towards his chest her lips started to suck his nipples and within no time he had it hard. Gently touching his lower half, she could sense his excitement which was truly overwhelming. Since days she had waiting long for this day and the thirst of her conquest was nearing way. With a shinning smile she slowly got undressed from her night gown, the man on the bed was having a tough time controlling his emotions for such a mighty creature. There on she dime the lights and was all bathed up in the whiteness of the moon. In this white zone she stood tall as a queen of the dark. As she moved closer to the bed, the man was taken a back for the lingerie was sexier than his fantasies. The lust in his mind and the thirst on his lips were crossing all limits with each second of the night. As the girl reached the man on the end of his bed, she strapped off to give him a look of what she was all about. The man had become an eventual slave of her body by then, and as he moved to touch and feel her roundness she stopped his hands and pushed him back on the bed as if to conquer his world then. Lusciously she moved and sat on his back, and asked him to lay with patience for an erotic massage was on its way. Listening to her words of lust and her hands full of fragrance oil the man was almost half a sleep, perhaps dreaming of a world just with her and him. And perhaps when he dreamt of a satisfying climax in his luscious thoughts, he was moved out from his own body with a shot from the backside of his head. The dreams, the thoughts, the lust, the sins and the happiness all had made way through the bullet that crossed his way. The blood had taken over the girl’s body all over, and with a smile of satisfaction and lust the girl rubbed his blood on her nude breasts as if to calm her soul and strength. Infact she took it all and rubbed it all over as if to surrender her lust for the blood that had made her thirsty since long. Her revenge had to be sweet and so she cut the organ that smelled best to her soul, his eyes, his tongue and his ears were soon cut to be a gift of her dark pleasures in which she got the satisfaction of her life. And as she moved out of her place, she left all the clues in their place. This was a night that would change many lives, for someone had returned from his pandemonium.

In the newspapers the very next day had bared it all. New York Times – Jack. D is dead. Los Angeles times – Famous legal eagle brutally murdered in his beach resort. Boston Review – Soul made love and the body was cut. International Herald Tribune – Douglas Jack nomore. The Sun - The biggest legal vulture of the United States has been put to death. Not only was the news disturbing but it had shocked millions across the land. The biggest criminal lawyer of USA was brutally murdered, in what the NYPD said was one of the worst they had seen. But with the rise of the rays and the sipping of the cappuccino’s, detectives all around right from FBI, NYPD, CIA were on the lookout for this offensive. For this wasn’t just a murder, it was the murder of Jack. Douglas, a legal eagle by profession and a senator by his post he was respected almost all in the Congress for the moves that he had made to become a Senator from his clerk’s job in Pentagon, was surely amazing. He had friends all over Congress, White House, CIA and even governments across the world. He was an international figure in true sense. But with friends came foes too, and they were from all over too, the mafia’s, the secretary of the state, everyone except his friends and perhaps them too felt jealous and wanted to be in his chair. The question that the best detective agencies in the world were on look out for was not, why was Jack.D murdered but “WHO KILLED JACK.D, THE KING OR THE PAWN?”

As tensions arose from Pentagon to the White House, the detectives were working every hard second from FBI, CIA AND NYPD to solve their most pressurized case, since this had everyone even the President involved on an hourly phone call basis. The computers were scanned; all the mansions of Jack.D were searched, from his accounts to his underwear’s of heart shapes everything was smelled like the nose of a dog. For everyone knew that some clue was lost in that jungle of money, power and dirt. And then it finally came like the roar of a silent shore. The CIA was the first to report and by three in the noon, they had their case solved. And as soon as that was done, the President was called to hear all about it. Although the President wasn’t much enlightened with the news since the accused were supposedly been people from his own party, and the weapon they had used was an old revenge that had finally torn apart.

Arrest warrants had been out issued immediately after the case was solved. President G.V. WARRIOR had to keep his image clean and thus his own men were asked to surrender, listing from Senator David Drumfree, York Burkeemein and Michele Thomas. But the utmost of all, was the weapon they had used to revenge their old foe. Joseph Xavier who had a day back escaped from Alcatracks the safest prison of the United States which was situated on an unknown island about 40miles from the land of Hollywood. Within no time this man had become, America’s most wanted. From choppers, SWAT CATS, Special force NYPD everyone was looking for just one man and his name was Xavier.

Far away on an island that was near to Hawaii, but still was never tracked by many since it was a private property, lay calm and still. But in this peaceful and innocent looking environment lay some of the biggest secrets, that were getting interrogated in all parts of USA. Beneath this forgotten island lay the headquarters of Samantha Macquire, an ambitious lady who came from the America's biggest mafia family. And it was her marriage recently with Jack.D that had got the mafia on Jack’s wrong side. But who knew that even Samantha belonged to their vows. Who had pledged to kill Jack.D, for her younger sister Martha had led to a subsequent suicide due Jack’s unwillingness to marry her at the time was she was pregnant with his child. Not only had Jack refused to marry her for his negative public remarks since she belonged to the mafia family, but he also told her to get aborted. When she had refused this refusal of his, he had planned her killing in such a way that it looked mere accident to the police and the journalists. For that was the time he was very cruel of his political ambitions and so nothing could come his way. This tussle between the Macquire’s and Jack had been going since some time, but getting Jack was probably even more difficult than the assassination of the United States President. And thus only a person close to his heart could reach a world, where he would be the slave and she her princess. Samantha who was then in England, when her younger sister passed away, had vowed for revenge. And thus she seduced Jack in such ways that he had to just fall in love with her. But never knew that her love was going to pay such a heavy price for him?

Today as time stood still between Samantha and Joseph who lay in front of him beaten and tied with knots to his hands and legs, Samantha told him the story where he was a used as a weapon by her in the murder of Jack. D. And the senators who stood as Jack’s foes and critics were today accused for his assassination conspiracy. Samantha had changed everything about Jack.D, she had got the man who could very well have been a future presidential candidate. But in present time, it was she that was going to be elected as a Senator, for today she had everything that made her better than Jack. D. While for Joseph she had choosen a perfect suicide that would make the situation very natural with time, and thus would shut the case of Jack. D and his murder conspiracies.

Three days from then Joseph. Xavier was found hanged to the fan of his old flat in Raleigh, NC. And even the police were satisfied since Joseph did have a relevant reason to kill Jack.D, although this fact too was exposed by Samantha in some of the big newspapers of USA. Nothing was left anymore for Jack.D, his soul, his body and now even his fame, everything was abolished just like a house of playing cards. All what remained was the name Samantha, that changed his faith.
Just about six months from that incident, Samantha was all ready to be sworn in as the new Senator from New York State. It was surely a very achieving day for her; she had the sun, the money and now even the public in her side. It looked as a mini Christmas in New York, from music to crowds everything flew in her swearing in ceremony. And as she was about to start for the stage, a piece of paper was delivered to her by her lawyer Mike. Dennis. Mike was appointed by her just after the death of Jack.D. As she opened the letter and ran through the words, her happiness, her cheerfulness everything was vanished and all appeared with those lines was the fear of something unknown. Something so terrible that even her soul was shaken up. Just then she slowly started with small steps towards the mic, but before she could speak her first words, she was shot in the forehead. It came as a piece of second but accomplished it all. And as the paper that got left from her hand and got grounded, Mike immediately picked it up and read those lines.

“Life is a joke that makes you laugh
But I am not a clown that will make you happy
For I am not good, neither am I bad
For all I am, is a clone of your past
And if you hit me on the back, I will hit you on the head”

Goodnight, sleep well

As he finished reading it, he crushed the paper in his hand, and made his way with a naughty smile of satisfaction as if to say, No one kills, Jack.D. 


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