A Dream Farewell

How did one week pass? None of them realized. And it was time to go back home. Back home, to mama, papa and family. It had been the best week of her life. She was with Priya, Preet and friends.

She was with Raj. For one full week. Time just flew by, like that! In the blink of an eye. And here they were, leaving for home already. Once again they had to part. Another long wait till she'd see him again. All 3 of them were in the taxi, almost leaving. Their farewells had already been said. But she needed to hug him, just one more time.. May be one last time. She got out and ran to him and he as waiting for her with open arms.

She was sobbing. 'I love you Raj' was all she said.

'Do you think I want you to go Seema? No I don't. I love you too. More than you know.. and I want you to stay. But right now, its best for both of us. And we're going to meet again after 3 months aren't we? You'll see, I'll be waiting for you with lots of presents.'

He was controlling himself too. She knew it.

'But what about after that Raj? I want to stay with you. For ever.'

'I know Seema, I know.. You just wait. You'll be 18 on your next birthday and I'll be 20 and we will talk to mom and dad ok?' have patience Seema.. I know how you feel. I feel the same. E-mail me the minute you reach and call me ASAP.. I'll be waiting.. I love you..'

They were coming closer to the taxi. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and let go of her hand. She was in the taxi by now.

'Take good care of her please. Don't let her miss me too much. Bye all of you.'

'Bye Raj' and they were gone.

She could see him moving farther and farther away from the side glass till she saw him no more.

She had no idea how the journey back home went. All she recalled was saying his name every now and then. At the airport she went with papa and Priya with her family.

Next day she went to University and saw his e-mail. This is what it was.

Dear Seema,

You're gone less than 10 minutes and I'm missing you already. I can't wait to see you again. I just want to stay with you all the time Seema. I wish you had left a little late. The prom is in two days but I don't think I'll go. I'll miss you too much. Will you marry me? I'm seriously asking. You're the girl I want, the only I want. Will you marry me? Nisha says Hi and asks how you are. She'll kill me if I don't go for the prom.

Love always, 

She e-mailed and told him to go for the prom. After all he was far away and she wanted him to have fun. Although it was different with her. She knew he would be on her mind all the time. Her head was on Priya's shoulder and she was crying.

The next thing she realized, she was in bed, at home.. And all that she saw, all that she felt, all that she went through, was nothing but a dream.. But definitely.. A Beautiful Dream.


More by :  Bijal Dwivedi Mehta

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