Live Instead of Leaving Life

Silence of night was torn by her lingering sobbing and tears. It seemed to her as if time just froze with moments of reluctance and embraces of failures in her fortune. Every second brought a new death to die with a guilt feeling, for living a life goofed up. Kavita was in turmoil. Outside was "Silence" while inside Kavita's mind was being waged a battle between her heart and Soul. Seeing her I felt as if the world would just end up in her tears and pain. I could visualize Kavita's helplessness. 

At one moment she decided to end up her life, just to escape all the pains, tantrums and turmoils involved in facing the reality of life. It is then that she remembered the myth her late granny had once narrated, "According to the Hindu mythology, once a person commits a suicide that person has to continue to commit suicide for the next seven rebirths." Kavita didn't want to die like a coward every life on this earth.

Kavita took a deep sigh and looked towards the vastness of the sky. And she heard the voice from within, "You can't die in such a dastardly manner. Fight back. Live you life. You have been sent to this world for a purpose. You cannot go back without accomplishing the allotted". 

Then Kavita saw a butterfly that was lively, beautiful, full of varied colors and fluttering its golden yellow wings, sitting on the flowers intermittently and then flying away. Next she saw a spider that was trying to weave its net. Every time it fell on the ground, it soon came up with a string and again tried, again fell and again tried. 

Kavita's observation made her think. "This is just a minute spider with a micro soul but still it has a strong will to fight out all hurdles that life has to offer, with innate "faith" of being successive sooner or later." 

"Life on earth can never be without problems. With every next step I take, I have to make a choice and for each choice I make, I have to be also prepared for its consequences. Like a spider I should have innate faith and strong willpower so that I can become winner in the end. Life is not to be ended like a coward; it is to be lived by understanding and accepting the dualities that co-exist. If a small butterfly and a spider can live and make life worth living, why can't then I face life squarely with faith, positive attitude and courage? 

Thus seeing the spider and the colorful butterfly, Kavita got filled with a renewed hope and zest for life. And, she said, "If anybody can help me, it is myself. I will live instead of leaving life"


More by :  Binita M. Shah

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