The Story Behind

I was jolted out of my sleep. One night. By some strange sounds and cries...It was from one of the neighboring houses. Apparently the drunken husband was beating up his wife. I felt pity for the unknown woman. The wife sacrifices herself for the husband. And in return, he tortures her both physically and mentally! 'Cruelty to women should stop' I muttered.
This was going on every now and then... ever since I moved to the place a month ago. Very disgusting. I wanted it to be put a stop to.

I met the man. He was in his thirties. Tall and frail, he looked innocent. Walking with him, I made a straight talk, "See, mister. I've been observing, you ill-treat your wife to cover up your own weaknesses. It's barbaric ! It should stop forthwith..." I tried to look at him. He had already disappeared. I ground my teeth in despair. A week later... The midnight drama ! Again. ... I couldn't tolerate any longer. I had decided to teach the man a lesson. A bitter one at that. I rushed to the house. The door opened at my very touch. Apparently it was not bolted inside.

It was then that I had witnessed that 'scene'. The man and his wife... The beatings and the yowls, all right. But...?! I was aghast at the sight. I had to take a sleeping pill that night.  The knock at the door woke me up the next morning. There he was. The man from 'that' house ! Sallow-faced. He wished me with a pale smile. I allowed him inside.

" What you had witnessed last night must have upset you." He said, "My wife is not a bad woman. Unfortunately it is all due to her bitter experience of men. Right from childhood she had witnessed all sorts of atrocities perpetrated by men on women. Her mother, sister-in-law, friend, her own-self ; everybody had suffered at the hands of cruel men. The society in which she grew up presented to her the men as tormentors of women. She developed deep hatred towards men. She had become psychic. Developed hysterical bouts ' when she longs to inflict pain on man...."

I was listening intently.

"...During her bouts she would attack me. And starts wailing to make people believe that I was thrashing her. That way she wants to discredit me - the man., to be precise! Sir, but for this, she is very good. I love her deeply. That's why I've been bearing the brunt. Patiently. The frequency has come down with the treatment. I'm sure she would become normal soon."

He stood up suddenly and held my hands, pleading. "Please, sir, don't reveal this to anyone." I was too dumbfounded to speak.. By the time I recovered, he was no longer there.  


More by :  P. V. V. Satyanarayana

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