UPA's War on Terror!

The government's assurances about fighting terrorism became laughable after Chhagan Bujhbal was appointed the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Bujhbal had to resign from the government previously because of alleged links to Abdul Karim Telgi who was the front man of the Rs 30,000 crores stamp paper scam. The police acknowledged that there was a huge nationwide network behind the scam. The police also claimed that part of the money generated in the scam reached terrorist outfits operating inside India. 

There is considerable official attention being paid to plans for securing airways, seaways, markets and important city centers. That is very welcome. But it is far from being adequate to carry out any serious war against terrorism. What policy planners seem to overlook is that jihaadis and terrorists may carry out spectacular terrorist strikes. They are incapable by themselves of waging a full scale terror war. And what India must prepare for is to face full scale unrestricted warfare. The aim of those who direct the terrorists is not just to demoralize the nation. It is to destroy it as a rising power. 

It should be noted that one possible effect of the attack on Mumbai could be to inhibit foreign investment from coming into the country. After the global economic meltdown this factor assumes crucial importance. It should be considered that in addition to possible future terrorist strikes against important centers of foreign investment such as Bangalore, the enemy could strike in an altogether different way to destroy India's economy. 

For instance, it has been estimated by some that by 2010 high quality fake currency indistinguishable from genuine notes could flood the Indian market. In addition to destabilizing the nation's security through terrorist strikes, the nation's economy could be crippled through a huge dose of fake currency. Is the government alert to this danger? The appointment of Chhagan Bhujbal as Maharashtra's Deputy Chief Minister who will oversee affairs in India's financial capital does not inspire confidence in either the government's judgment or its intention.    


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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