When Daddy Went Away On A Business Trip

It has been five days since Dad went away and Danny is missing him terribly. 

On Wednesday night, shortly after dinner, Mom told Danny it's time for his bath and Danny said: "I want Dad to give me a bath", and Mom said: "Well, Dad is not here, sweetie." And Danny said: "Well, then I'm not taking a bath!" and Mom made a very angry face and Danny started to cry.

"I want Dad' I want Dad'" 

"I know, sweetie, but Dad is not here. Remember? He had to go on an airplane, he'll be back soon. Now hurry up and get in the tub before the water gets too cold."

Danny had no choice but to listen to Mom. Meanwhile, as he was taking off his shoes off and Mom was helping him pull off his socks, one by one' thoughts were slowly crawling into his mind: What if Daddy can't get back from the airplane? What if the airplane just stays up in the sky and Daddy cannot get off? He was still thinking about Daddy's plane up in the sky as he was getting his favorite toys off of the shelf near his bed.

"I'll be back to check on you in a couple of minutes," Mom said, "and don't forget to scrub'" She added, as she pointed to the dinosaur-shaped soap bottle and the sponge next to it, right before she closed the bathroom door behind her. 

"'ok, Dad'" Danny whispered, soaking up to his belly in warm, soapy water, "we're coming to get you. I'll rescue you from the airplane, don't you worry, I'll bring you home."

You have to know that Danny had quite a fleet of boats and planes and he was no short of bravery either. He has been in the business of rescuing for a long, long time now; oh' against vicious dinosaurs, and some very bad, bad wolves once, and even a Giant, so onto this mission he marched like a fearless soldier.

"All right, Go-Go," he stared at one of his most notorious figures right into the eyes, "you're the Captain. Let the battle begin!" He then made the announcement.

With one hand he picked up his large boat and sailed it across the tub: "Voomm'ch' che'" his other hand stroking the water to make waves. 

"Be strong, sailors'" he yelled, "rough sea ahead!"

Right then the boat reached the edge of the tub "Oh, no, we hit an iceberg, Danny!" Yelled the Captain. The strike was so strong it knocked the dinosaur shaped bottle, and the sponge right into the water.

"Boat has crushed' it's sinking' jump! Everyone jump!" Danny called out to his buddies. 

"Look! There's something floating there, let's get on it." Cried one of sailors.
Everyone else was stroking as hard as they could to stay above water. It was hard to see at first what was floating ahead, but then they all realized it was the sponge indeed, and that it would make a great raft: 
"Swim to it, guys." Danny rushed them, but a sudden roar, piercing the air loud and clear, caught him by surprise:
"Aaaahhhh'.what are you doing? You can't get me'! I need to rescue Dad' oooo'I'm flying'!" 

It was in fact an enormous dinosaur that lifted Danny out of the water and up in the air: 
"It's Ok, Danny, hang on to my neck, I think I can see the plane. It's w-a-y over there'" The dinosaur spoke heavily, "and hold on tight!" He suggested.

Hanging on to the dinosaur's neck Danny was now touching the sky. Dark and heavy clouds began to form over his head. The plane disappeared; it was nowhere in sight. 

"I think they are trying to stop me from getting to the plane." Danny leaned toward the dinosaur's ear to speak.

The dinosaur roared back in agreement, but a louder ramble shook the entire ocean: 
"You better watch out, Danny!" A forceful thunder snarled from above, "You can't escape me'!"

"You don't scare me at all - thunder!" Danny called bravely. "Now you're here, and then you're gone'and besides, I can call the lightening to scare YOU away!" 

"Are you ready, lightening?" Danny called out in a deep voice. "1' 2' 3' show the thunder who you are and chase it away!" 
"Yea'." Everyone joined in cheering. "All right!" The captain and his soldiers applauded.

For a split second, bright and illuminating, the sky was lit as a huge stadium. 

"There!" Danny shouted. "There's the plane. I can see it now. Come' on dinosaur, swim! Swim fast." 

"I need some help." Cried the dinosaur. "Wind! I need some wind to give me a boost."

It was obvious the wind heard the cry for help since strongly and gusty it began to blow' Oooooo' 

"Good Job!" Danny called out. "Dad' dad' hang one, we're almost there!" 

"Look, Danny, right ahead'!" 

"Ok, dinosaur, go get them!" Danny ordered.

A very slimy, gooey spray of soap squirted right out of the dinosaur's mouth and covered the entire plane. It could now, no longer keep flying. The plane began to dive down. 

"Jump, Dad, jump! Hurry!" Danny cheered for him 

"Oh, thank you Danny for saving me. I needed to come home. You did a good thing, son'" Danny spoke, imitating his father's voice.

"'Danny' are you hungry? I have your favorite waiting for you' spaghetti."
Mom spoke as she walked into the bathroom. "Oh, you smell so good. You used the soap, right? Good boy." She smiled at Danny proudly as she pulled the plug out of the bathtub. The water began to rush out through the drain; foam, suds and all, as Danny smiled to himself. 

"Mom, I rescued Dad from the airplane." Danny spoke from underneath the towel. But his voice was rather lost since mom was busy drying his hair and ears. "What?" She said.

"Daddy'he'll be home! Soon'" Danny replied.
"I know, sweetie." Mom smiled. "He'll be home tomorrow."
"Yes I did it!" Hooray! I rescued Dad!" Danny called out as Mom helped him get into his pajamas.

Danny skipped happily to the kitchen and sat down in front of his plate. 

"'and eat your peas too!" Mom ordered gently.

"Yuck! I hate peas!" Danny scrunched his face and then smiled the biggest smile. "But I'll save them for Dad, he'll be home r-e-a-l soon'"


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Comment An enjoyable read by someone who can really think like a child.

Pesi Padshah
27-Apr-2011 07:49 AM

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