Why Modi and RSS Must Split

Minus Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi all the top BJP leaders last Monday met with their counterparts of the RSS to thrash out differences between both groups.

The divergence between Mr. Modi and RSS is growing and will not end any time soon. There is a fundamental incompatibility that cannot be bridged. This problem was foreseen and as early as April 27, 2014 at the start of the campaign this writer commenting on hate speeches by Sangh Parivar members wrote:

“The perpetrators of these hate speeches are seasoned politicians who are aware of how their utterances can damage BJP poll prospects. Their hate speeches are deliberate acts of sabotage to damage Mr. Modi’s future…He (Mr. Modi) attracted the attention of the NRI Diaspora, with a substantial Gujarati presence. These acted as conduits for international big business finance desperately seeking an alternative to China as an investment destination. In short, international big business latched itself to Mr. Modi…. The media campaign monitored by NRI techies from abroad was overwhelming. It generated a spectacular Modi wave. A parallel army was conducting this campaign keeping the BJP out of the loop. The private resentment this caused among many BJP leaders was compounded by Mr. Modi’s own conduct. In the initial stages of the campaign not only was he projected as being larger than his party, but he also gave short shrift to senior leaders of his party. But Mr. Modi and his publicity mentors made one serious and fatal miscalculation. They could create the hype which made Mr. Modi a household name across the nation. They lacked the logistics to mobilize voters to polling booths. Only RSS and BJP workers could do that. That is why Mr. Modi had to fall back on RSS for support…The RSS extracted its price….At that point it should have been clarified to the powerful big business elements that the RSS inputs would be factored in Mr. Modi’s agenda.”

That apparently was not done. That is why the growing divergence between Mr. Modi and RSS will grow. They are pursuing incompatible agendas.

Mr. Modi has to take a tough decision.

If he wants his development agenda to succeed he must part company with the RSS. Mr. Modi’s Man Friday Mr. Amit Shah has given a veiled warning to both opposition parties and to RSS to stop derailing the development agenda which once again has been endorsed by the electorate in the recent assembly elections. BJP and RSS leaders can meet all they want. Nothing will help overcome this fundamental incompatibility between Mr. Modi and RSS. One or the other side must surrender. It is inconceivable that the RSS after a lifetime devoted to certain core issues will now compromise. Mr. Modi must decide. It is best that a clean break with RSS is achieved sooner rather than later.


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Comment Narendra Modi is not opposed or against RSS. They have mutual interest to grow and progress in politics of India. They may different views but that does not mean they should depart. On the contrary they will find ways and means to compromise and stay to gather for their common goal of staying ruling party of India.

pranlal sheth
27-Dec-2014 09:01 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

Quote[ There is a fundamental incompatibility that cannot be bridged ]Unquote.

Without providing a few examples to explain why and how there is fundamental incompatibility between RSS and BJP leadership (Mr. Modi), isn't this incomplete ?

On the other hand, one would agree that a cultural integration of Indian society with business in India and cultural integration of urban India to rural India is a must for bridght future of India. Now, this can be termed persuation of 'Hindutva', but I would like to question them to define meaning of 'Hindutva' in their dictionary first, it is used as a loose words now a days in media.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
27-Dec-2014 04:48 AM

Comment BJP is just one arm of RSS. Others being- ABVP, BMS. They are one and same- just having divided roles for better effectiveness.
It is most unlikely that they will part company in the near future. Matter of fact- why should they ? They have a plethora of able leaders who can shoulder responsibility given to them.

25-Dec-2014 09:04 AM

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