PK; Feel him with your Senses!

We, Indians are basically fond of fairy tales; but, when someone makes a fairy tale with a purpose and a poser, we try to shy away. If the religious fanatics turn up in the arm against PK it shows undoubtedly their weakness or arrogance.
PK is a different sort of entertainer. It has love but that is only a side story. The main one being the puzzle of an alien about the quirky religious practices in India the movie goes on to wonder how vapid these practices are and on the absolutely fraudulent god men. When an handsome looking alien lands in the Rajasthan sand naked with its glittering control to communicate with the planet, the first thing happens is a burly man stealing the dazzling stone as something precious.
This alien gets the name PK and how it starts communicating with the people after learning Bhojpuri in a mysterious manner and what his search for the missing remote leads to form the rest of the story. When everyone says that ‘God only can help him’, PK has no option but to seek God for help.  But, he lands up in the religious melee in the Indian milieu of Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh communities’ incredible methods of appeasing the Almighty. He tries everything only to fail in his mission. But, he happens to see his ‘remote’ in the custody of a Godman who claims that he got it as a gift from the God.
In his endeavors and meanders PK bumps on Jaggu alias Jaga Janani a TV reporter with a failed love affair in Belgium. Jaggu gets attracted by PK’s open mind and logical questions and tries to retrieve his remote from the phony Godman. Was PK able confront the Godman for his remote? Has Jaggu missed love affair succeeded? Has PK returned to his planet safely?
These were the questions leading to an engaging climax where finally Jaggu sees him off. She says ‘You taught us something and learn something from us, that is to tell lies.’ To know better watch the movie.
Amir, Hirani team once again comes up with an ace movie with sterling performances from all the lead players. After quite some time Hindi movie songs are in the song format, thanks to Shantanu Moitra.
Films like PK come very rare which dare to question the basic surmises of the religious faith at the same time in an entertaining way.
Don’t miss PK and watch him without being inebriated!


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Comment More than PK, it is the tolerance of the Majority community that deserves credit. Look at the havoc a simple cartoon has created the world over. How many people have been killed so far? In comparison, we should appreciate the tolerance and sagacity of Hindus in the context a complete film ridiculing Hindu images and rituals.

10-Jan-2015 11:18 AM

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